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Friday, February 12, 2021

Why Christian Cannot Enter The Tribulation

There is much concern today because of the China virus, the presidential election, and the mandate to conform to the will of governments around the world, that Christians are fearful heading into the Great Tribulation. There are many preachers that are producing much fear upon the church by warning that the church will enter the tribulation.

This message will give credible evidence that the Rapture will take place before the the tribulation begins. Notice how the "Falling away" cannot refer to the church going into apostasy and compare the outline of II Thessalonians chapter 2 with Paul's outline of I Thessalonians chapter 4 and 5. If you enjoy the video, please leave a favorable comments for others and share the link.
My Prophetic Survey class has 28 lectures. This was delivered this Thursday as lecture 10.

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