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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ladies Night (Day) Out


My wife, Betty Arnold, had the blessed privilege of attending the "Women of the Word" Luncheon that was held here in Tampa this month. She is pictured here with Lauren Dungy, who was the featured speaker. She is the wife of Coach Tony Dungy of NFL fame.

Betty was honored to give the closing prayer. I believe when Godly women can come together and pray for their families, we could see a great change in our homes, churches, and our nation.

Pictured below is Barb Yoder who is General Manager of WTBN here in Tampa. I am on two of their stations twice a day (five days a week) with a listening potential of 3-5 million people.



When I married Betty, she was the prettiest little Georgia peach I had ever seen. Well, after 53 years (as you can see) she still is a Georgia peach. This is what she wore on Resurrection Sunday. 

 These three ladies accompanied Betty and truly enjoyed this special event. Mrs. Leah Lusan, Mrs. Nancy Polson, and Mrs. Sheila Taylor.

Below is a picture of the family of Jan Valasquez. His wife, Lucia, emailed me a brief story of her watching "The Passion". Her emotions overwhelmed her as she watched Jesus being beaten, and she could not hold back the tears. Read what her son, Jayce (the oldest), said to her. Micah is the younger.

Profound moment....

We have been learning about the Resurrection of Christ and Easter traditions all week..I don't feel the need to sugar coat things for my kids or keep things from them, so when a picture came up from the Passion of the Christ movie (a graphic one), they wanted to see it and study it. I explained that this was a movie with makeup, but they were portraying what the events probably looked like in real life.. I began to cry... no.. weep at the image, because well.. who wouldn't when you are looking at and explaining it to her young children? But then Jayce turned to me and smiled and said, "Mom it's ok... he did this for you. He traded his life for ours... its a good thing so don't cry." WOW-- when your child can comfort you by throwing the word of God back at you, it is truly an AMAZING feeling. I finally feel like I am doing something right. Thank you Lord for that moment and for trading your life for mine.