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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Christian Youth Ranch Summer Conference for 2016


JULY 18-22, 2016


Director: Ralph "Yankee" Arnold -  and Co-Directors: Peter Amato / Jesse Martinez -


This year’s camp will be held at the BOWEN'S MILL CHRISTIAN CENTER in Fitzgerald, Georgia

(One hour south of Macon)
Cost per camper is $140 for the week

Due to generous donors who love the Lord and special fund raisers, we are able to offer scholarships for those who cannot pay the full amount. Pay the registration price of $25.00 and the balance will be waved. Write scholarship on your form.



"The Jim Tingen Story" Greg_Stier_at_my_70th_birthday_2

This is a story I tell every year at camp for over 40 years. Outside of the Gospel, hearing Ray Stanford tell the Jim Tingen story was the most powerful story I had ever heard. It was a story that ran the gammit of emotional highs and lows, tears and laughter, and suspense as great as any drama presentation I had ever encountered. It was used as a tremendous training tool on what it means to have a burden for souls, how to witness, and what sacrifice is all about.

Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share, who graduated from our school in Colorado, heard that story over 35 years ago at camp. This is what he said, 

“This last year, 2005-2006, during the Dare 2 Share Revolution Tour, we decided to use a true story, the story of Jim Tingen. This story absolutely blew the teenagers away. Almost 50,000 teenagers were motivated to share their faith during this tour and were deeply impacted by the Jim Tingen story. Around 5,000 teenagers came to Christ during this tour as well. One of the big reasons I am doing what I’m doing today at Dare 2 Share is because I heard the Jim Tingen story when I was a teenager.”

—Greg Stier

For more information:

You may contact Co-Director Peter Amato at  727-488-6219 Church at 813-884-8182 or email him at  for info on this year's Ranch Summer Camp.

ALL adults, counselors, speakers, and teens must also fill out this form. Fill out only the applicable information. ($25.00 must accompany all registration form)


  1. Youth Camp Scholarships are $140.00 CLICK HERE to donate.
  2. Need several Florida Bible College trained counselors
  3. Much prayer

There are over 40 RV hook-ups with 30 & 50 amps

Plan now on bringing a group this year. The Ranch style ministry is still the best way to reach teenagers for the Lord.

Some things never change:  Send your youth directors so they may see how to develop an exciting Youth Meeting in your church. They will learn how to motivate teens to memorize dozens of verses, do Bible Sword Drills, see kids scattered all over the camp grounds reading their Bibles in the quietness of the morning, conduct devotions in the cabins, learn from the Firehouse Five guitar pickers, plus learn the old Ranch songs with a lot of new ones). 

FLORIDA BIBLE COLLEGE begins in August. If you have a potential student that needs a scholarship, please contact Bob Gilbert 850-227-5325 or email him at:

Look who came to visit

Doug Stroup and his "Peach State Quartet" came to Calvary. They couldn't believe that the man in the center was now over 74 years old. James Haislop was Mr. America and runner up to Mr. Universe. Not only does he love the Lord and sing in our choir, but faithfully works out in his own gym. We use his home on the lake about twice a year for baptismal services. If you look closely you can tell he is built a little like myself, don't you agree?



We love it when people come to visit with us here at Calvary Community Church or drop by and see what Florida Bible College is doing. We appreciate all the concerns, prayers and support we have received. Gene Yancey and his wife also came to visit.


Dr. Birbal Broodram and Annette are our missionaries of whom we are proud to support.

Evangelist Freddie Coile is always a blessing. Freddie has 4 students attending Florida Bible College in Tampa. Two will be graduating this coming year.


Greg Dixon, Jr. pastored the Indianapolis Baptist Church in Indiana for a number of years. I have also preached for him on many occasions.


Evangelist Bob Tebow and Charlie Bing are two strong grace teachers. Both are doing a great work.

Lee and Irene Patton are special friends from our Florida Bible College days. Lee is a great student of the Word. He has truly endured many hardships due to hisLee_and_Irene health. He is presently recovering from a stroke.

It's a pleasure to have Dr. Scudder and his wife visitjim_scudder_and_wife with us. Jim doesn't dance or sing, but God has used him to build a wonderful ministry. We will be with the Grace Conference next week from July 6th-8th. Hope to see you there.


Dr. Phil Stringer has been with us on several  of our "College for a Day" events. He is a great defender of the faith.


Dan and Michelle Dillinger from Colorado blessed us on Mother's Day. Dan came out of our Youth Ranch, went to Florida Bible College and has been pastoring now for many years. Michelle was a student at Colorado Bible College. One day I asked her if she was staying out of trouble, she said, "I've never been so out of trouble in all my life."

IMG_0393aBruce and Jackie Campbell are missionaries from FBC and served many years in Hong Kong and now are serving in Thailand. You never know who is going to drop by. He presented a great vision for missions. 

Pastor Joe & Dana Huss brought their two sonIMG_0383as by the radio station for my Friday morning live broadcast. Dana is the daughter of Mike Floyd from FBC. Joe pastors the Northside Baptist Church in Davenport, Ia.

Of course Father's Day was really special. My son, Eddie and his wife, Debra came from Georgia with my two wonderful grand-kids (Jordan and Abby) to spend a week. I needed another week to
rest up.


We should endeavor to support those who have been in the work for many years with love, encouragement and understanding. Pray for those you know. Take no one's faithfulness for granted. Be nice to everyone because everyone is having a rough time. Enjoy life as you go, happiness is not a destination, it is a way of travel. Let's run well and finish well.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, drop in at 10:30am on any Sunday at Calvary Community Church 4811 George Rd.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Just a Trip to see a Few Friends

ThroughoIMG_0372aut our lives, we are touched by many people who help us encourage us in our walk with the Lord. Some are recent and some are friends of long ago. Mels Carbonell always sends me a little note that says, "Be Encouraged". Simple, but powerful. My emails are designed to encourage. I pray they are. Betty and I just recently rode around to not only see how some are doing but what they are doing. Each one was a great encouragement to us.
Rick DeJesus has a beautiful home on the top of a mountain in North Carolina. Rick and his wife Sharolyn are both alumni of Florida Bible College. You talk about "Bed and Breakfast", this was wonderful. I also met her brother. Do pray for Sharolyn who is having some health issues. Rick brought many to Florida camp and sent many students to FBC.
When I went to Minnesota back in 1969, I led many to the Lord. Two were Clint Smith (left of his wife Judy) and his sister, Karen (middle). We wanted to encourage Karen who has serious terminal cancer problems. She was so full of joy and excitement knowing that she would soon meet the Lord. She encouraged us to stay faithful. What a beautiful testimony.
IMG_0396a Ben Darlington has been like a piece of granite since leaving Florida Bible College. We wIMG_0397aent into Indian Bible Camps together in 1968. Benny could make a piano dance while Lilly (his wife) would sing. Ben has been teaching for over 40 years. Two weeks ago I spoke in their school chapel with 4 trusting the Lord. Still going strong. And yes, he still works on cars.
It was great to visit with Wayne Porter (right) who is still working in the ministry that was started by his brother, Bruce Porter, down in Islamorada, Florida. He was excited to be working in the church and the Christian school.
My good buddy, IMG_0414aDr. Scudder, is settling down to his semi-retired life down in Key Largo. He is a Florida Bible College graduate who has been used by the Lord to build a great ministry in Lake Zurich, Ill. The Quentin Road Baptist Church is also home to Jim_Scudder_and_Pastor_Arnold_baptizing_in_JordanDayspring Bible College.
His son, Jim Scudder, has been raised up to continue this great ministry. This is young Jim and me baptizing in the Jordan River. I am looking forward to speaking at the coming "Grace Conference" on July 7-8 in Chicago. This is an experience for everybody to enjoy; great messages, music, fellowship and food. Call Jane at 847-438-4494 x 1040
Do you remember Mike Floyd from FBC? He probably worked with Dr. Scudder for over 35 yIMG_0415aears. This is a picture of his son, Matt, with his family. He started a new church in South Florida on May 29th. Pray for Matt and his family.IMG_0434a
David and Lisa Cannon  both graduated from Colorado Bible College. He is the pastor of Grace Bible Church in Palm Bay Fla.
Does this look like a preacher to you? Betty said that when she dies I can get me one. Have you seen a lot of old men in their 90s riding a motorcycle?
We stopped at the HeIMG_0431aritage Baptist Church for an evening service in Titusville and was totally surprised to see that Mike Eccleston from FBC IMG_0443awas the pastor. It's great to see many of our alumni staying true to the gospel and still running well.
IMG_0447aI have visited with Jerry Lloyd many times. Before we headed back home to Tampa, we had some great Mexican food in St. Cloud, Fla. It's a joy to see what others are experiencing in the ministry.
We can't always wear a smiley face due to the fact that many times we face disappointments, despair and death to our visions. The older we get, the more we sit in judgment on our ministry and personal achievements. We must be careful not to exalt or humiliate ourselves. Just seek to be faithful where you are, doing what you can, with what you have for the glory of the Lord.  Remember what Paul said in 1 Cor. 4:5,

"Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God."

Before we seek to produce new soldiers for the firing line, we should endeavor to support those who have been in the work for many years with love, encouragement and understanding. Pray for those you know. Take no one's faithfulness for granted. Be nice to everyone because everyone is having a rough time. Let's run well and finish well.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Today Begins 57 Years of Marriage

Betty and I ran away to Anderson, South Carolina on June 8th, 1960 and got married by the Justice of the Peace. Betty paid the $5.00 that they said was acceptable. I had absolutely no money. Completing 56 years is a pretty good investment, don't you think?
When we were Young83
I used to sing to Betty with a guitar without knowing how to chord. It sounded terrible but she would swoon anyway. She was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Her dad led me to the Lord three months later.
This picture below shows Betty and I when we attended Florida Bible College. We had two children while I was going full time. Betty ran a boys dorm where Mike Otto, Bruce Porter, Lee Patton, Mike Moore and several others_95a received two meals a day seven days a week for two years. My wife did put me through, what a woman.
Over the years, I performed many weddings, _108abut often regretted not having a church wedding for Betty and me., No family and no pictures to share. But would you believe that after 25 years my daughter Trina surprised us with a church wedding so we could  repeat our vows?
Dave Cannon did the honors, along with Jim Bollinger and his two precious children. The picture to the left is my beautiful daughter (just like her mother), Trina Barnes. Eddie_s_Family_201431
My son, David, died in 1991 at the age of 28. We will see him again, praise the Lord. Eddie is pictured with his wife Debra and two of the most precious grandchildren (Jordan and Abby) in the world. Eddie will be singing for us at Calvary Community Church at 10:30 on June 19th which is Father's Day. This is also our THIRD SUNDAY DINNER for all members and visitors. Come and bring your fathers.
 If you would like to hear Betty and I sing our song as to why we made it this long CLICK HERE. Hope you enjoy and remember to love each other.

The Wedding that Never Was
Ralph "Yankee" Arnold
In the dead of night, before the morning light
Two hearts were young and gay;
Before the justice of the peace, and a five dollar bill
A rose was stolen away.
This is the wedding that could have been
Had the lord had his way with me;
To have the father give his daughter away
To a man for all to see.
After all these years, one thing i regret
Are memories that will never be;
To rob a man, of the master's plan
Is a deed that still haunt's me.

Take the time and read the poem below
And remember to always do right;
For the time will come with the setting of sun
That you'll know, and enjoy, with delight.


It seems so right, you dressed in white
awaiting my hand in yours;
To make promises before man, and vows before God
Who looks on from Heaven's bright shores.
To love you, honor you, protect and provide
is my promise to ever be true;
To love no other, but faithful abide
and be the husband God meant for you.
For me to love you, as Christ loves me
is the true test of love divine;
To give to my wife, the supreme sacrifice
is the commitment of this life of mine.
As a token of my love for you
I place this ring upon your hand;
The circle which is eternal,
and our desire for the Master's plan.
Our hearts, like candles, shall melt together as one
as we walk in the warmth of God's Son;
Bone of my bone and Flesh of my flesh,
You're mine till our race is run.
To hear those words, "You may now kiss the Bride"
is a moment to enjoy for life;
But better still are the words so real,

"I pronounce you Man and Wife".

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet

Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold, President     Office phone  813-884-432

Memorial Day weekend caused me to remember many warriors of the faith who have given their lives in the midst of the ministry. This is not meant to be an extensive list of all who had a part in my life but just a few. Have you truly considered the price that thousands of young men and women paid to give us THEIR LIVES? How we live our lives with this blessed freedom reveals our real gratitude for those who made it possible. If we waste our lives, we also waste their sacrifice. The same is true of the great sacrifice Jesus Christ our savior made for us. Our lives should be a great big thank you to the Lord for all that Christ has done for us.
Back in 1Mrs._Sue_Stanford2964, Mrs. Sue Stanford would sit in the adult Bible class I would teach while filling in for Dr. Mark Cambron. I asked her to give me several pointers that I might improve upon. Would you believe she gave me 3 pages of notes? She would get all over me for bringing so many kids to Florida Camp from Colorado without registration forms. She would get so frustrated with me, and say "Oh Yankee, you do this every year!". It only lasted about a minute. I not only admired this great Godly woman, I loved her. Betty and I visited her and Val in North Carolina one year, and we had to climb this steep hill up to the house. Sue took off and left the rest of us, and I had to run to catch up to her. I said, "We're going too fast up this steep hill" (I was concerned for her age), She said, "Why, do you need help?"

When you do full time evangelistic work, you wandan_adamst to fill every week with meetings if possible. This one year was full except for two weeks. I kept asking the Lord for those two weeks to also be filled, but to no avail. The first week that I had open, I received news that my friend whom I had led to the Lord had lost his son, Barney Adams. Betty and I decided to get to Minnesota as quickly as we could only to be there at the hospital when the dad, Danny Adams (Pastor of Good News Bible Church) passed into glory. This was the week I had open. Then I knew why God kept this week open.

After I graduated in 1968 from Florida Bible College, I went inSonny_and_Rachelto Indian summer camps as the guest speaker with Cliff Taylor and Sonny Blueye. After attending Indian camps in Oklahoma, Arizona, Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota, we ended up in Colorado. We three started the Colorado Indian Bible College. Years later, Sonny became my registrar for Colorado Bible College. Sonny was a big Indian in a lot of ways. His size was totally intimidating. He had a big heart for his family, his ministry, and the Lord.
To continue with the previous story, I still had a week open and wasn't too sure I wanted to know why. I received a call from Rachael Blueye that Sonny had passed away and wanted me to do the funeral at Bob Dean's church on the Tonawanda Indian Reservation in Buffalo, New York. This was the exact week that I had open. Sonny Blueye and Bob Dean were alumni of Florida Bible College of Hollywood.


Pastor Dick Haynes was also a graduate of Florida Bible College. With his wife Karen, they worked with children, teenagers and adults across America. Dick passed away with cancer, but gave it all he had before that moment. When he came home after being in the hospital and could barely stand, he insisted on going to Cracker Barrel. The next day he was back in the hospital. The next time I saw Dick he had driven a bus loaded with kids to Freddie Coile's camp in Georgia. He lay on a bed with barely strength to move. Shortly thereafter he went home to be with the Lord. He might have been short in stature, but he was a giant for the cause of Christ.

It was always aRay_Dukes_005d joy to visit and preach for Ray and Diane Dukes when I was traveling on the road. Ray graduated from Florida Bible College and pastored for many years. About 40 years ago, Ray was directing a youth ranch in Paducah, Kentucky. I was returning from Florida camp on my way back to Colorado and joined him for a ranch meeting.  35 years later Ray was still working with teenagers and bringing them to camp. When Ray and I were walking around his neighborhood, little did I understand the stress he was under due to his illness. Ray was funny--I mean really funny. He did not have to try. It was so natural for him. He was such a joy to be around. In 2009, Ray went home to be with the Lord after a six month battle with brain cancer.

Two of my favorite people at Florida Bible College were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller. Whenever we traveled, we tried to make itMr._and_Mrs._Robert_Miller2 a habit to stop by the Millers' home in Rome, Georgia or in Ocala, Florida. We were privileged to spend many nights in their home. They truly had the gift of hospitality. If you had a problem, they had ears to hear and words of wisdom to share. Their ministry affected the lives of thousands of students who went through the Halls of FBC. They have both gone to be with the Lord.
Many people knowRay_Stanford_010 that Dr. A. Ray Stanford had a very special place in my heart. Not only did he start the Florida Bible College, but also trained thousands on how to win souls. Ray was 95 when he went to meet the Lord. I cannot state the total impact that God's servants made in the lives of those who walked through the Halls of FBC, but I can share that they truly made an impact in my own personal life. Many were not only my teachers, but were my friends and co-laborers in the same ministry and to the same Lord.

Dr. Hank  and Jeannette Lindstrom met when I attended FBC in 1964. Hank made a big impact on my decision to attend FBC Hank1_1in Miami. Many young men desired to be like Hank. He was a young vibrant soul-winner that could sing and play the guitar. Hank spoke in our Colorado Christmas Camp one year. I was driving the bus with a load of teens down a snow packed steep hill, when I asked Jeanette (who was sitting on the first seat on the passengers side), "Would you like for me to move closer to the edge so you can see better?" She almost went into cardiac arrest. Hank started the Tampa Youth Ranch where thousands trusted the Lord. He later founded the Calvary Community Church of Tampa where he pastored for 42 years. Hank went home in 2008. I have been privileged to step into this wonderful ministry and continue the legacy he began.
Every year, there are more of the FBC Alumni that have gone home to be with the Lord. I have mentioned only a few, but I'm sure you could add many more to the list. I believe that I have more friends in Heaven than I do on this side.

Gen 25:8 Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his people.

The Lord is still gathering FLOWERS. One day it will all be over. Let's run well and finish well. KEEP LOOKING UP.