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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Look who came to visit

Doug Stroup and his "Peach State Quartet" came to Calvary. They couldn't believe that the man in the center was now over 74 years old. James Haislop was Mr. America and runner up to Mr. Universe. Not only does he love the Lord and sing in our choir, but faithfully works out in his own gym. We use his home on the lake about twice a year for baptismal services. If you look closely you can tell he is built a little like myself, don't you agree?



We love it when people come to visit with us here at Calvary Community Church or drop by and see what Florida Bible College is doing. We appreciate all the concerns, prayers and support we have received. Gene Yancey and his wife also came to visit.


Dr. Birbal Broodram and Annette are our missionaries of whom we are proud to support.

Evangelist Freddie Coile is always a blessing. Freddie has 4 students attending Florida Bible College in Tampa. Two will be graduating this coming year.


Greg Dixon, Jr. pastored the Indianapolis Baptist Church in Indiana for a number of years. I have also preached for him on many occasions.


Evangelist Bob Tebow and Charlie Bing are two strong grace teachers. Both are doing a great work.

Lee and Irene Patton are special friends from our Florida Bible College days. Lee is a great student of the Word. He has truly endured many hardships due to hisLee_and_Irene health. He is presently recovering from a stroke.

It's a pleasure to have Dr. Scudder and his wife visitjim_scudder_and_wife with us. Jim doesn't dance or sing, but God has used him to build a wonderful ministry. We will be with the Grace Conference next week from July 6th-8th. Hope to see you there.


Dr. Phil Stringer has been with us on several  of our "College for a Day" events. He is a great defender of the faith.


Dan and Michelle Dillinger from Colorado blessed us on Mother's Day. Dan came out of our Youth Ranch, went to Florida Bible College and has been pastoring now for many years. Michelle was a student at Colorado Bible College. One day I asked her if she was staying out of trouble, she said, "I've never been so out of trouble in all my life."

IMG_0393aBruce and Jackie Campbell are missionaries from FBC and served many years in Hong Kong and now are serving in Thailand. You never know who is going to drop by. He presented a great vision for missions. 

Pastor Joe & Dana Huss brought their two sonIMG_0383as by the radio station for my Friday morning live broadcast. Dana is the daughter of Mike Floyd from FBC. Joe pastors the Northside Baptist Church in Davenport, Ia.

Of course Father's Day was really special. My son, Eddie and his wife, Debra came from Georgia with my two wonderful grand-kids (Jordan and Abby) to spend a week. I needed another week to
rest up.


We should endeavor to support those who have been in the work for many years with love, encouragement and understanding. Pray for those you know. Take no one's faithfulness for granted. Be nice to everyone because everyone is having a rough time. Enjoy life as you go, happiness is not a destination, it is a way of travel. Let's run well and finish well.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, drop in at 10:30am on any Sunday at Calvary Community Church 4811 George Rd.

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