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Wednesday, December 2, 2020


What a blessing to be on WTBN radio in Tampa, Florida

When I became the pastor of Calvary Community Church of Tampa in 2009, I was asked to continue the Bibleline radio program that was hosted by my long-time friend, Dr. Hank Lindstrom. He was a master theologian with simplicity of presentation. We met in Boca Raton, Florida in the summer of 1964. We both attended Florida Bible College in Miami.

It is hard to believe that I have now hosted Bibleline for over 10 years. The Bible says to give honor where honor is due. It has been truly an honor to work with such wonderful people as the General Managers and staff at WTBN. 


Barbara Yoder (General Manager here in Tampa, Florida) has been a jewel to work with. She hosted many Pastor’s Appreciation Dinners and conservative political events to help enlighten the needs on preserving our national freedoms. She helped bring together men of national importance that I would never have had the privilege to meet.

November the 14th marked the 15th anniversary of “The Bill Bunkley Show” on Faith Talk Radio. He believes right politically and stands for it. He has earned the right to be heard. I have shares time on his Faith-Talk show as his first guest, and it has been my honor to teach the Word of God together with him as we traveled for 10 days around Jordan and Israel. Chad Connelly (on right) is the director of Faith Engagement for the Republican National Committee.


I listen to Hugh Hewitt every morning on my way to church. He is highly informative and savvy when talking about politics in Washington. Learn a lot


A couple years ago, I was walking down the hallway with Barbara and Mike Gallanger to have breakfast where Shawn Hannity was to speak when sharp pain went flying up from my neck into the back of my head. I was taken to the hospital in Orlando and spent the next three days. Since then I have had neck surgery to have a metal plate with screws placed into my vertebrae. Many weeks I would watch Mike doing his live show while was doing mine in another studio. I love his fight for America’s freedom.


After watching Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. and Jon Voight on several news channels promoting a “Get out your Vote Campaign”, I was pleased to enjoy a brief moment with the both of them. These men will probably never recall meeting me, but I still am thankful that they were willing to go out on the limb to let us know where they stand for the sake of freedom.

Michael Medved and Dick Morris

Chris Gould was my first contact with Salem Communication. In October 2011 Chris became Senior Vice President National Program Development.  He works with all the National Ministries to maximize their impact and effectiveness in reaching audiences with the Gospel of Christ.

Salem Media Group is America's leading Radio, Internet and Publishing company targeting audiences interested in Christian and family themed content and conservative values.  Salem Media Group owns and operates 115 radio stations nationwide with 73 in the top 25 markets.

Thank you for giving me a platform to present the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything that God has ever accomplished through my radio ministry was because he worked through people like you.

Barbara J. Yoder and Bill Bunkley have faced life threatening physical challenges in the last few years. Their testimonies have been apparent to all on facing severe difficulties with little hope to great hope. Their trust in the Lord has been ongoing and serves as an example on how to walk with the Lord. May the Lord bless you greatly. Have a Merry Christmas from the Bibleline staff.

Yankee and Betty Arnold

Saturday, November 28, 2020


Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Today they tell us that to have the Bible, God, or Christianity in our public schools is a violation of our U.S. Constitution. Would you believe that “Back in the Day” of not so long ago, principals of many of our public schools were thrilled to have Christ presented to their students by holding special assemblies just for that purpose. Notice this letter dated June 12, 1968 by Tom Adams, Secretary of State of the state of Florida.



Here are the "Spokesmen" Tom Adams referred to in his letter. Starting on the left is Don Smith on the bass, Dick Hill, Bruce Porter, Mike Otto, and David. They were sharp, young, vibrant, great voices and they loved the Lord.

The next pictures were in high schools in Arvada , Colorado.

Dr. A. Ray Stanford was truly a one man show. I have never seen anyone hold a crowd of young people like He did. With his exciting war stories, humor and personal testimony he shared the clearness of the gospel with an invitation for students to trust the Lord. Thousands of students responded.

If it is unconstitutional now to have the Bible or God in the schools; why was it not unconstitutional when the founding fathers (who wrote and signed the U. S. Constitution) who started the universities like Yale, Princeton and Harvard? They were to prepare young men for the ministry in order to preserve the constitution.

Ralph Arnold


Thursday, October 29, 2020

Yankee’s YouTube channel has gotten 1,652,122 views so far


Yankee’s YouTube channel has gotten 1,652,122 views so far

We received 39,276 views in the last 28 days


This message was posted Tuesday morning. It will help you to understand the purpose of the book of Romans. A fresh look through the eyes of the Lord is better than staring through the eyes of Calvinism. A Calvinist cannot believe someone can study foreknowledge, predestination, justification, sanctification and glorification without becoming a Calvinist.

The following testimonies are just a few I have received in the last 5-6 days. The gospel of Christ is Eternal Security without the warning of Perseverance believed by Calvinists. Perseverance of the saints places the burden of proof of salvation totally upon the so-called believer.

Sammy Summer 6 days ago

Your ministry changed my Christian walk and led away from reformed theology (Calvinism ) into the peace and reassurance. I can now share the gospel plainly and simply. Much love from the UK GB

chuckyoo 6 days ago

See you in the clouds Pastor!!!! You have been a tremendous gift to those who needed to hear the good news which is the Gospel. We are all blessed on how you taught the Gospel so that we all can know with full assurance of our eternal salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. We thank God for bringing you to our lives from YouTube at the time He did, and we will forever be grateful, God bless you and all the best.

 Mrs. MustardSeed 6 days ago

SO GRATEFUL for you pastor! We just found your channel 2 days ago and listening to you here in CA. Your message...the true gospel message.....Has changed our lives!!! We love you! God bless you, pastor.♥️

 Ivana Jerkić 6 days ago

Pastor Yankee, I just want to say THANK YOU, for all your effort. You are a huge blessing! Hugs from Croatia!

Mary Mclocke 6 days ago

Pastor Yankee, You've blessed me more than words can say. Taught me the TRUE Gospel, and there is NO greater gift, you know that. I love you in Christ, dear brother You're the REAL deal

Martin S 6 days ago

Pastor, I'm one of them you have impacted with your clear gospel-preaching. All the blessings to you from Martin in Sweden!

 Justin h 6 days ago

Pastor Arnold, thank you so much brother for all you’ve done and all you continue to do in the Lord! You have helped me to understand so much of the scriptures, and I’m sure you’ve helped countless others in your daily walk and here on YouTube.

1 Timothy 4:12 6 days ago

I just want to thank you Pastor Yankee! You have helped me a lot with struggles that I had about my eternal security. Even though we have never met you have impacted me so much with your preaching the clear Word of God. If we ever get the chance to meet in person I will give you the biggest hug!

 Cherie Corbello-Bechan 6 days ago (edited)

God brought you directly to me in 2016 to pull me out of the bondage of Calvinism & Lordship Salvation as a believer that fell into false doctrine as a babe in Christ and I'm so very grateful for you! GOD BLESS AND LOVE YOU PASTOR ARNOLD!

 Black Gold: The Anonymous Preacher 6 days ago (edited)

Pastor Yankee Arnold!!! God bless you for your labour of love. I owe the fact that I now understand the gospel and that I'm now unshakable and immovable in the gospel of Christ to you Sir and Renee Roland. And so, I just want to thank you again. Can't wait to meet you in heaven. Much love and hugs from Nigeria.

 Sonja 6 days ago

Thank you Dr Arnold, Greetings from the Netherlands

 Peg Herman 6 days ago

God bless you Pastor Yankee, you have truly been a blessing to listen too, I actually saved many of your sermons on YouTube. I learned a lot from you, coming from a Catholic Church background. Thank you Much love. ♥️

 Patty Hunemuller 6 days ago

Yankee, Thank you for your many many sermons, I'm so grateful there are so many on youtube. You have changed both my life, and my husband's as well. Maybe we'll stroll by your mansion on hallelujah avenue and say hello someday. God Bless you Yankee!

 Teri Myslinski 6 days ago

Wow!! I don’t know whether to smile or cry. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to visit Pastor Arnold’s congregation a few times in the past year or so. I’m from Nashville, Tn and the trips to Tampa were worth every mile to have the opportunity to thank the man that changed my life. The man that helped me understand grace after a lifetime of condemnation. Thank you for helping me understand the true gospel. I finally have joy in my salvation!! Praise Jesus!! I will forever be grateful, Pastor Arnold. Please keep posting sermons!

 Seye Alabi 3 days ago

Oh my world! Pastor Yankee, you have totally helped me in the gospel message, the clarity of the gospel message and I have gained a lot from you. I look forward to meeting you in person, I am from Nigeria.

 Linda Giza 6 days ago

Thank you for your teachings ,they have been such a blessing to my husband and I have been listening for 3 yrs.still looking forward to your YouTube videos! God bless!

 Manifest-Easy 5 days ago (edited)

Thank you very much. You have in a way changed my life and my relationship with God. Your sermons always gave me assurance and peace on the true word of God. May God bless you and I hope I can give you a hug when we rejoice in heaven.

 Tallhillbilly 5 days ago

God Bless you Pastor Arnold and Calvary of Tampa, your video's have made a difference in my life, I always look forward to the next message you put online... There's No Replacing someone like Pastor Ralph Yankee Arnold

 Russell Newton 6 days ago

As Pastor Arnold was talking, I couldn't hold back my tears--& I live here in the West. Pastor Arnold is an online pastor for me. Pastor, you have helped me SO MUCH, especially about salvation & the eternal assurance we have it forever.

 jim kraft 6 days ago

Few men are given the gift of preaching the gospel of free grace like you Yankee. I am sure your videos have brought many into the kingdom, and strengthened others. Your greatest reward in heaven will be those you brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus finished work on the Cross apart from our works which cannot save sinners. May God bless you in every way.

 dan stone 6 days ago

Pastor Arnold has taught me a great deal here on you tube. I feel like he is one of the few preachers who truly wants someone of low estate like me to be in heaven with him. I don't get that from too many others .

 Adrian Saved by grace! 6 days ago

I just came across your ministry about a week ago Pastor Yankee. I have struggled with my salvation for many years I thought I could loose it and always wondered if I was truly saved. I have listened to numerous messages from you over the last week. I thank you for making your messages so simple to understand. Now I know I'm saved and there is nothing that can ever take my salvation away! I believed Jesus died for my sins in 2007 but the whole time I was scared that I could lose it. I thank God that I came across your message! Thank you Pastor Yankee may God bless you Brother. See you in the air.

Neil B 5 days ago (edited)

Only discovered pastor Arnold 6 weeks ago but in that short time I have made so much progress in Jesus after 18 years of Calvinistic teaching which programmed me into believing I was not approved by God and that I have to earn my salvation, on top of the constant fear of going to a lost eternity. I am falling in love with God again and getting excited about telling the lost the wonderful truth of the real gospel. Amen and thank God for this mighty servant of Jesus... From UK.

The following simple acrostic (TULIP) is the classic reformed five-point Calvinist viewpoint.

T stands for the....        Total depravity of man             The Bible doesn’t teach this

U stands for..........       Unconditional election             The Bible doesn’t teach this

L stands for..........        Limited atonement                    The Bible doesn’t teach this

I stands for...........        Irresistible grace and                 The Bible doesn’t teach this

P stands for the.....      Perseverance of the saints      The Bible doesn’t teach this


Total depravity of man             ……Correction: Man is totally unable to save himself, but Man May Choose To Hear, See, & Believe

Unconditional election             ……Correction: God has chosen to save anyone who  chooses to believe

Limited atonement                    ……Correction: Christ died for all sins for all men that all could be saved.  

Irresistible grace and                 …...Correction: All could have believed, but many chose not to believe

Perseverance of the saints      …...Correction: Many did not reach maturity or Persevere In The Faith

Calvinism offers nothing of value to the proclamation of the gospel or to the spiritual maturity of any believer.

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