Monday, February 1, 2021

Yankee Arnold Ministries Update for 2021

Yankee Arnold Ministries Update for 2021

Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

7028 W. Waters Ave. Suite 316

Tampa, Florida 33634

Is resigning from church the same as retiring from the ministry? Not exactly, I am not quitting the battle, I am just changing my position on the firing line. As long as the Lord continued to give me more time, a clear mind and good health, I plan on serving the Lord until there is nothing left to give. I really get excited thinking about all the things the Lord may have for me down the road.

 February 4th will be my 79th birthday. I believe I am just reaching my ultimate potential. So much to do and so little time.

1.     What is the name of your new ministry and what will you do?

My new ministry is called “Yankee Arnold Ministries, Inc.” I will continue teaching at the Florida Bible College of Tampa. I am still posting new messages on my Youtube channel every week.

I will continue my Radio ministry in Denver, Colorado ON KLTT 670AM

Monday thru Friday 4:30AM and 8:30AM Saturday 2:00 AM 6:30 AM


KLDC 1220AM Monday thru Fri 8:30 am and 2:30 am

Due to the recent financial commitments in 2021, I will begin my new weekday radio broadcast February 1st at 11:30pm right here on WTBN 910AM and 570AM. New time, new intro but the same man and the same message.

“Yankee Arnold Ministries” radio program will be aired on all four stations (including 2 FM stations) at 11:30am Monday through Friday right here in Tampa, Florida. I will be sandwiched between Charles Stanley and  Jay Sekulow Live!

This is a great opportunity to speak to the audience they bring to this time slot.

2.    What does Yankee Arnold Ministries have to offer?

Yankee Arnold Ministries is non-profit and accepts donations to pay for radio time and three salaries and that we may freely offer resources to individuals that need them. People from around the world will be able to download messages, outlines, e-books, and over 4000 radio messages on 5 different podcast platforms without cost

3.    How can our you connect with my new ministry?

Go to and choose the tab of your choice.

Check out the podcast with hundreds of messages and under the resource tab there are hundreds of choice outlines to help the Sunday school teacher or young pastor from a dispensational and pre-tribulational position.

Mailing:    Yankee Arnold Ministries

                  7028 W. Waters Ave Suite 316

                 Tampa, Florida 33634



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