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Friday, April 27, 2018

New addition to our Fall Missions Conference

New addition to our Fall Missions Conference
Dr. Ron R. Seecharan

Hi Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

It was so good talking to you yesterday.  We want to greet you and all the saints at Calvary Community Church in the name of our savior Jesus Christ.  I thank the Lord for you and the great leadership that you have been giving to Calvary Community Church.  We appreciate so much your prayers and support through the years to SRIM and Solid Rock Theological Seminary in India.  This has helped us greatly in forging ahead in training men for full time ministry.

As we have talked yesterday, I look forward to coming to your fourth annual Missions’ Conference in October 21-24 2018.  I am looking with joyful anticipation to being with you and your people for this great conference.  I am looking forward to sharing and fellow shipping with all.

We are so grateful for you and Calvary Community Church for your vision and prayer and support and your desire to see people from other nations come to know Jesus Christ as personal savior.  Thank you so very much for the opportunity to come and be a part of your fall conference.

Enclosed is some other information about SRIM

Yours for making Christ known
Dr. Ron R. Seecharan
Eph. 3:20


1.      Dr. Ron Seecharan is the director of Solid Rock International Ministries. SRIM is a non-
denominational evangelical ministry that works primarily in third world nations training and
equipping nationals for full-time gospel ministry. We are focused in West Asia, South America, the West Indies and the Caribbean. The ministry is incorporated in the State of Tennessee and contributions are tax-deductible.

2.      After graduating from Florida Bible College, the Lord led Dr. Seecharan to establish Solid Rock Theological Seminary in South India in 1986 to train nationals to take the gospel to India’s 1.3 billion people. Solid Rock Theological Seminary is fully accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission to award undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

3.      The seminary offers a number of programs that lead to the B.Th., B.D., M.Th., Doctor of
Ministry and Th.D. degrees in Theology.

4.      So far in their resident seminary in India they have had 28 graduating classes with 661 graduates who have earned their degrees and are now serving the Lord throughout India. They also have 32 graduates who are originally from Burma and 14 from the Kingdom of Nepal.
5.      They have 3 extension seminaries in the western hemisphere.
a.       One in Trinidad in the West Indie
b.      The second in Guyana in South America
c.       The third is in St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

6.      They have 167 graduates from extension seminaries who are serving the Lord in South America, the West Indies and the Caribbean.

Totally they now have 825 graduates who have earned their degrees and are now serving as
national pastors, teachers and missionaries. These graduates are reaching thousands and
ministering to them on weekly basis. They are sharing a clear gospel and proclaiming the whole counsel of God.

I have been privileged to travel twice to India and speak to the graduating class. Others who have seen this work is men like Bob Gilbert, Charlie Bing, Dr. James Scudder and son, Matt and Mike Floyd, plus many others.  

After supporting Dr. Ron Seecharan for many years, it is truly a joy to have him attend our Missions Conference and the FBC Alumni get together this fall.

Plan now to attend. The schedule of meetings, time of meals (free), and rooming will be coming soon. 
Thank you and God Bless,

Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
4811 George Rd.
Tampa, Fla. 33634
cell 706-255-5618

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