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Friday, May 4, 2018

2018 Ladies Tea with Ann Bollinger
Thank you, Ralph 'Yankee' and Betty and Trina, for the 45+ years of friendship and all the memories of serving with you at Colorado Bible Church. So glad we could be with you, Yankee, on this the 40th year from the day you married us! We so enjoyed Sunday School, church services at Calvary Community and the Ladies’ Tea. We love you all!
After having serious surgery, Betty was not able to devote the time or energy to put together the banquet for the Ladies Tea. Trina, my wonderful daughter came down from Georgia to stay with her Mom and help her in her recovery. What a blessing she has been. Under the directions of Cindy Gilbert and a host of ladies, they came to the rescue. Below are a few comments from Ann Bollinger: 

Calvary Community Church has their annual Mother/Daughter Tea. I had been asked to speak at it, so Jimmy and I both got to know so many sweet people who attend there. The ladies had a Hawaiian theme and each table was decorated differently. Mary Brookes did a lot of the beautiful d├ęcor that the ladies helped her with the whole week before. Kay Myers did all the yummy, yummy tea foods. Jimmy joined the men of the church who served each of us ladies. Four guests trusted Christ that day during the tea! It truly was a very special occasion to attend!!
Once again, the men of Calvary were grateful for the opportunity to serve all the beautiful ladies. The umbrella's were hung upside down from the ceiling. This was to help catch all the blessings the Lord is sending down while the Ladies praises go up. Everything met with Bob Gilbert's approval.
No, I do not know how Jesse Martinez got in this picture.
Celebrating Jimmy’s 70th Birthday
Thank you, Bob and Mary Brookes, for your treasured friendship of 47+years and for our beautiful private Victorian suite to stay in for 9 nights. We loved visiting and eating with you each day on your lovely patio, going to the beach and celebrating the big 70 birthday! We love you two!

Bob and Mary Brookes hosted a wonderful 70th birthday dinner for Jimmy with Colorado Bible Church/College friends living in Florida now. We ate out on their delightful patio and pool area, laughed and reminisced, and made some cherished memories. Thank you, Bryan and Joanne, Keith and Michelle, Joe and Terri, and Bob and Mary for being a part of this special night! — with Michelle Bauer Newhard and Joanne Ferro Branham.

I’m so grateful to God for giving to me a husband that loves the Lord dearly and who treats me like a queen. And, he is a dad and grandpa that is adored by his children and grandchildren! I love you so much, dear Jimmy, and am so glad we got to do this trip together!!
What a wonderful blessing it is to see so many that were reached in our Colorado ministry, still loving and walking with the Lord. Ain't the Lord GOOD? Yankee

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