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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dr. Wally Morillo will be our keynote speaker at 2018 Missions Conference

A Florida Bible College Reunion that's

Dr. Wally Morillo (also an Florida Bible College graduate) will be one of our keynote speakers during our Missions Conference October 21-24, 2018. Wally also gave a wonderful and encouraging testimony at our Florida Bible College graduation last May. I had the privilege of meeting Jane and Wally in 1964.  After he married Jane Stanford, they moved to Pharr, Texas and started the Christian Youth Ranch, Summer Camps, and the Grace Community Church. Last year they celebrated their 50th year of marriage and ministry. Congratulations to a great and faithful servant of the Lord. Wally has also given our students an additional opportunity to learn the camp ministry by allowing them to serve for the last 4 years as counselors at his Spring Camp.


Dear Yankee, "Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of the Florida Bible College of  Tampa graduation, it was a huge blessing. I was impressed with the caliber of the graduates, they were well trained and it showed when they came to our camp and ministered. You are doing a great job and I am also very impressed with the workers that work with you. It was a great graduation."

Pastor Wally Morillo Nahum 1:7

Dear Yankee and all at Calvary Community Church,

We want to thank you for the invitation to your next mission's conference in October 2018.  We were planning on our next furlough and had made tentative plans to visit the State between June and August, but we have now changed our plans to visit our supporting churches between August and October, so as to be able to be with you. Thank you so much for your part in the ministry here in North France.  
In Christ,
Greg and Judy Sirmons

From Freddie Coile:

Dr. Arnold and the good folks at Calvary,

The longer I go for the Lord, the more I appreciate fellowship and the power of shared beliefs. The Missions Conference at Calvary has filled a great need for refreshment and has been a big breath of fresh air in my lungs. It has helped sustain me in the race of serving the Lord. We who hold a clear gospel message of grace and faith are not always respected or treated fairly in the world. As you know, sometimes we fit like a round peg in a square hole, even among church people. How nice to look around at the conference and see so many round pegs!
We have been taught by the Lord to appreciate a cup of water given in the name of Jesus. How much more have we been blessed by you as we eat and enjoy your care and accommodations. How often I have looked back on memories of conversations and encouraging times together at George Road or nearby restaurants.

Thanks so much for believing in our mission of preaching the gospel and growing leaders to advance the gospel. You are wise stewards investing in eternal endeavors. You are difference-makers. Thanks so much for your monthly support and the care that is always present when I am with you. It is so obvious that Calvary loves its missionaries and wants to encourage and supply them to stay strong and go into all the world for the gospel. God bless you for the impact of your ministry.
For more to know the Lord,
Freddie Coile, President, Focus Evangelistic Ministries, Inc.

From Joe Potter
The church people were so thrilled that we came to the conference!  We were thrilled to actually have a multi-day conference to fellowship, swap stories, develop prayer partners and share our hearts with these delightful people and our respected missionary friends.  Our being in a foreign culture punctuates the value of the liberating gospel message, so we were pleased to be able to share from the heart. 

We were genuinely encouraged, delighted and equipped to carry on our work.   Calvary threw down the red carpet.  The culinary arts were top notch, all of our needs were abundantly provided and financial gifts on top of that wonderful. The knowledge of being able to share the gospel and influence others for our Savior and LORD and all that being multiplied by radio programming and hopefully turn other’s eyes to God’s Harvest…well, Praise God indeed.   
To God be the Glory, Great things He has done,  Joe and Terri Potter

Charlie Bing from

Charlie Bing:
It's a pleasure to write this testimony about Calvary's Missions Conference:

When I am at Calvary Community Church's mission’s conference I feel as if I have their full support. To them, missions are not just a program that the church is supposed to have, but a calling and command from God. Missionaries and their ministries are front and center for the people to see. Then the church backs up their commitment with a generous financial contribution to each missionary. Everything is done first class from the music, messages, and worship to the delicious meals. I look forward to unique fellowship with the other missionaries, the church, and the Bible college students. 

Charlie Bing

Louis Hernandez is a graduate of Tampa Bay Bible College that was started by Dr. Hank Lindstrom. Louis is one of our new missionaries. Louis travels to many different countries with Doctors giving medical aid while he gives spiritual aid from the Word of God. Louis also is a Gideon representative, Director of Friday night soul-winning, and a FBC professor. 

THE LORD IS DOING A MARVELOUS WORK AT CALVARY AND WE WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU. We have a schedule coming soon that will highlight the various speakers, topics, and workshops. There will be plenty of time to fellowship with missionaries and alumni. This reunion is different because it's not about us, but the MISSION which we have been entrusted. This is truly a Meeting with a Mission, and we want and need you to rejoice together with those who are still of like mind. The great commission has not been cancelled. 

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