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Friday, June 12, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Update into Wyoming

Yankee’s Traveling Update into Wyoming
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold
Before heading into Wyoming to see the legendary Dr. Richard Seymour, we spent a very enjoyable evening with Kenny and Sharon Jackson Sanchez. I performed their marriage ceremony many years ago. The Lord has blessed them with 6 children and many grandchildren. I led Kenny to the Lord when he was 18 back in the 70’s. He went to Florida Bible College and was president of the student body. They prepared a great meal for us on Tuesday night. They both mean a lot to Betty and me. 
Mike Triem (Crawford Western Regional Manager KLTT) and I have become good friends over the last 9 years. Bibleline Radio (my program) has been aired in Denver over KLTT 670 every day at 8:30 pm. 
Laura is pictured with her dad and brother (Christopher). Laura had a serious accident in which she almost lost her life. She has recovered and said the following:  
I would like to thank you and your Wife, Betty, for your prayer's that saved my life!
God was surely listening and here I am today Volunteering at Church and at school's to let kid's know carefulness and awareness on your devices. My accident was 100% preventable. Let's not do it again.
Thank you and GOD; Who's Grace gave me a second chance at life
Look Up and Live-Laura Triem

We stopped in LaGrange, Wyoming to visit with Dr. Richard Seymour and Kathy. Dick was my unforgettable professor at the Florida Bible College in Miami from 1964-1968. He has been teaching at the Frontier School of the Bible for the last 20 years.

It was such an honor to share precious fellowship and a good meal with them. Dick is a well-known and highly respected teacher of the Word of God.

Would you believe that a man with such superior knowledge and experience as I have would ever jump out of a motor-home; then realized he just locked the keys inside with the motor running? Even the locksmith could not get in. Betty remembered that she never locked the back window. That is my leg going thru the window. At 78, you would think I was smarter than this.Bet I don't do it again.
This Sunday I will be speaking for Pastor Tom Cucuzza at the Northland Bible Baptist Church Sunday morning and evening. Church is at 10:30 am and 6:00 pm. And is located at 3686 County Road 8 SE St. Cloud, MN 56304

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