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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Update into Minnesota

Yankee’s Traveling Update into Minnesota
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold
It was such an honor to share the pulpit with Dr. Thomas Cucuzza at the Northland Baptist Church in St. Cloud, Minnesota. His wife Sue was a graduate of Colorado Bible College. Their three beautiful daughters all married preachers. Tom is a great defender of the faith, specializes in the clarity of the gospel, and is a faithful shepherd of his flock for over 40 years. I spoke at both services on June 14. Tom is a graduate of Florida Bible College.
On our way through South Dakota, we stopped in to visit with my long-time friend, Tim Hansen and his wife, Glenda. Tim was one of my relief bus drivers on our long trips to camp in Florida from Colorado. Yes, I parked that 36-foot motorhome in his short driveway. They also worked for many years for Jane and Wally Morillo.
 What a thrill to look out the window and see buffalo that could walk right out in front of you. Betty took pictures while I tried to keep my eyes on the road.
Jim Mucerino and his wife, Robin, were a blessing to be with for several days. He is the founder and pastor of the Bemidji Baptist Church where I spoke on last Wednesday night. When they told us that they had a big 350-400 lb. bear on their porch, Betty was afraid to come out of the motorhome. Strong grace preachers are hard to find, but Jim is one of the few. He is building a great work here in Northern Minnesota.
They took us to the head waters of the great Mississippi. Would you believe I stood in the middle of the Mississippi and even walked across it.
I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing my wife and I to enjoy so many good things in life at our age. Last year, we were both in the hospital with serious issues. We are also grateful for Pastor Jesse Martinez who is holding onto the horns of the altar at the Calvary Community Church in Tampa. He is doing a great job as the assistant pastor.
Love to hear from you.
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