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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Christian Youth Ranch Memories of 50 years ago

Christian Youth Ranch
Betty and I were married in 1960. In 1968, I graduated from Florida Bible College and took my family to Denver, Colorado. June will be exactly 50 years ago. Times sure pass swiftly when you're having fun. We have had plenty.


My wife decided to go through her old cedar chest and found some pictures I haven’t seen in over 40 years. My daughter is now 56 and my son was 28 when he graduated to glory 25 years ago last month. My youngest son, Eddie, was born in 1971. Hope you don’t mine going back in time for a moment
Around 1970, I gathered a few of our Ranch kids, built a booth, and put on a “Firehouse Five” program in the middle of the street. We would sing, people would come, and we would give them the gospel. It worked. After playing fast songs to break the ice with new kids, we would sing slower devotional type songs to prepare them for the Bible study. We brought kids in in cars and then vans. Eventually, we were running 10-12 buses every Thursday night. We reached a high of over 960 in our teenage Bible study. Several hundred went to Florida Bible College in Hollywood, FL. and Colorado Bible College in Arvada.

Our number one goal was to give the gospel clear and simple where kids could understand it the first time they came. We would average 5-15 trusting the Lord every week.

The large picture below was one of our roller skating Ranch nights that brought out over 450. These are the youth meetings that many have heard about from Greg Stier of the Dare 2 Share organization that has reached about ½ million teenagers. (
The Florida Bible College of Tampa is recreating an environment for young men and women to learn ministries that work by ministers that produced results.
Do you have a teenager that’s interested in learning the youth ministry, call our registrar at Bob Gilbert, Registrar   850-227-5325 (cell)
Florida Bible College of Tampa
4811 George Road
Tampa, FL  33634

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