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Saturday, February 24, 2018

New Sign for Florida Bible College of Tampa

Special thanks to Phil and Kay Myers for their contribution to purchase the "New Sign" that has been placed on our gymnasium. The doors are open.

Dr. Hank Lindstrom built this beautiful gymnasium for the Tampa Bay Bible College around 1987. It contained a full kitchen, choir room, youth room, multiple classrooms and full length gym. We are very grateful to Dr. Lindstrom for having this long range vision. There are no mortgages on any of our property or buildings. This enables us to give our students a great Bible education at a very reasonable cost.

Hank and I met in 1964 at the Florida Bible College in Miami. We worked in church, ranch, and many camps together for over 40 years. Although Tampa Bay has closed and Hank has transferred to glory over 10 years ago, it remained the dream of Calvary Community Church to once again use these precious facilities for the  continuation of our old Alma Mater, the "Florida Bible College" here in Tampa.

Florida Bible College may not be for everyone. We are not a reform school. We are not designed to prepare someone on how to make money, or on how to fulfill their dreams. We desire to train young people on the art of soul-winning. We desire to teach the word of God to those who crave the will of God. FBC is not designed to waste time or to waste lives. Only serious students need to apply. 

Last semester, I taught Personal Evangelism. After teaching the story of "Lazarus and the Rich Man" from Luke 16, students were to write on the need to witness. This was written by our new student from Arizona, Connor Proffitt. 


Witnessing should be the most important purpose in a Christian's life. But why? Is it because we simply should? Nothing wrong with a reason such as that. Or is it because the Lord commands it? Again, absolutely nothing wrong with that motive. So, what is another motive that should drive the Christian, as to why he or she should witness to the lost man? Could it be where this individual will spend eternity, if they aren’t reached with the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

So often, we as Christians can be so easily beset on the things of this world, that we forget that there is a literal fire burning hell where all the lost will go when they die. For example, the person we walk past in the mall, or grocery store – that person has purpose to God; the one who was crucified on a cross to die for their sins, because he didn’t want them to spend an eternity separated from him in a particular place prepared for the Devil and his angels. Hell, according to the Bible, is a place of eternal darkness, torment, flames, loneliness, and separation from all that is good! We as Christians need to share this SIMPLE message of the gospel of Christ when an opportunity presents itself, or we ourselves simply can make one happen.

Imagine all the souls that can be plucked from the flames of hell. Christ even said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” What shame and heartbreak to all Christians, that could have given the gospel, but said, “No!” In 1 Billion years, a man in hell will still be there. With no purpose. The greatest purpose we have as Christians is to share the gospel, to where a man doesn’t have to experience an eternal place of uselessness. That man was made for Heaven. So, what a joy it truly is to lead a soul to the Lord; knowing that they are spending an ETERNITY in bliss, joy, love, peace, and fellowship with the Lord in paradise. All because a child of God took 4-5 min out of their day, to share that good news of eternal life in Christ.

Satan on the other hand, is doing all he can to convince the Christian to quit on giving such a message! The devil knows he’s going to spend an eternity in hellfire but wants to bring as many people with him as possible. The story of the rich man in hell, for example, is such a gripping one. Jesus is literally describing the experiences and conversations of this man in hell. The torments, the cries, the anguish of this man seem almost unfathomable. But unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do for him, for all eternity. His last cries are even for his family to be reached with the gospel, so they themselves do not end up in this eternal abode of the lost. Therefore, why should we as Christians seek out the lost with the gospel? It is an obvious one! So, the lost person won’t end up in an eternal hellfire of misery and woe! Time is running out as the seconds run down. So, we as believers, best hurry!

Connor Proffitt
(reached by Jack Weaver)

At one time, this was the main motivating force in studying the word of God, maintaining a disciplined life, or building ministries. A Christian with great character, but without compassion to win the lost, serves only as a beautiful ornament to be seen.

Plan now for this fall
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