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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

An Opportunity
We have been privileged to use, as our student dorm facility, suites at the Mainsail Suites Conference Center and Resort, very conveniently located just up the street, at the intersection of George Road and Hillsborough Avenue.  This resort consists of mainly two-bedroom, two bath suites with a full living room, dining room, kitchen, washer and dryer, entrance hall, and outdoor porch – all in a gated, secure facility, literally within easy walking distance from our classroom campus.  These units are roomy enough that two of our students can occupy each of the two bedrooms, comfortably.

In our first year, our out-of-town students shared one of these suites.  We had favorable treatment from the Mainsail management, who are believers, and were allowed a favorable rate with a lease running exactly from the date desired to the date desired by us.

In this, our second year, we  leased TWO suites, near each other but on separate floors, one for our guys, the other for our young ladies.

As good as this arrangement is, the students are NOT able to pay our published rates for the dorms – we would be very comfortable if they could, but the $550/month per student is just not feasible.
We must look forward to paying Mainsail $1,235 per month for each suite.  If we have four guys, and four girls, we can charge each of them $315, and break even.  If we have three guys, or three girls, we can charge $415, and get by.  But we may have fewer than a multiple of four or three, and we cannot expect the students to come with great stores of money for housing, as well as for tuition.

We think some of you might have the means and the desire to SPONSOR a portion of these dorm rooms, so that when we charge our students a “Fair” portion of the rent, we have the funds to make up the difference.

Thank you for considering this opportunity.

You may give by check to Florida Bible College of Tampa, 4811 George Road, Tampa, FL  33634, or by credit or debit card via PayPal on the website  Florida Bible College of Tampa has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a non-profit charitable organization under section 501.C.3; all gifts may be claimed by the donor as deductions on the federal income tax return.

The preceding is intended for folks who have an interest in what God is doing with the Florida Bible College of Tampa.  If you would prefer to not receive communications such as this, please contact Bob Gilbert by e-mail at, by message on Facebook:, or call or text 850-227-5325.

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