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Monday, October 6, 2014

Why Lee Patton Likes FLorida Bible College

Sixteen new potential students attended our College for a Day last Friday. We were pleased to have several students from Georgia, about 9 students from Dave and Lisa Cannon's work in Palm Bay, Florida, and a number of students from right here in Tampa. We were honored to have Pastor Ken Rico (FBC alumnus) and his wife, Jeff Wells who drove from North Carolina, and Ken Hall and his wife (FBC alumni) who came to serve.

Lee and I graduated together from FBC back in 1968. We both went together into Indian camps, parted ways in the desert of Arizona, and began ministries in Colorado and in San Antonio, Texas.
Lee and Irene_1

Faith Bible Church (1974 - 2014) 423 Ashley Road, San Antonio, TX 78221 
Lee Patton, Founder & Pastor * Johnny Reyna, Associate Pastor * 210-923-8211  

September 26, 2014

Dear Dr. Arnold,
Greetings in the worthy name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I had a wonderful time visiting with you and seeing Florida Bible College of Tampa. What an exciting place with friendly students. It is very affordable with only $250 a month for tuition.
The New Florida Bible College of Tampa has the look and feel like the school I attended in 1965-1968. The college is doing all the things that made the old FBC so great under Dr. Ray Stanford:
* Strong church emphasis
* Youth Ranch on Thursday nights
* Soul winning on Friday nights
* Classes in the church rooms
* Use of the old Scofield Bible
* And, a great Personal Evangelism class taught by Dr. Arnold.

Currently, the student body is small and the teachers are few. But it is just the beginning. Florida Bible College of Tampa has a vision and a hope.  And FBCT has God's blessings. The facilities are neat and clean. The church is happy to have the students there in the ministry. The dorms are very nice in the Mainsail Hotel ($250 a month). To date, donations amount to $62,000. If you are looking for a worthy place to give, why not consider Florida Bible College of Tampa. It would be an investment in the future.

Another feature of Florida Bible College of Tampa is the Bibleline Institute on-line courses. Students from all over (including Australia) have enrolled. This makes the total enrollment look impressive. The other unique feature is the clarity of the gospel with an aggressive presentation of the message. Most former FBC grads know soul-winning, but we do not go soul-winning. I was convicted by the excitement of the students in sharing Christ in a clear way.

There is so much more I could say. But, I need to contain myself. May God continue to bless.
Your friend, His servant,
Lee Patton, Pastor
"trust in the Lord and do good" Psalm 37:3
These letters are very encouraging to read to the staff and to the student body.  Over 30 years ago a young FBC graduate came to work for me in Colorado. I was totally overwhelmed in the business of the ministry. This  Godly Christian young woman took the time to write me an encouraging note. I reread the note yesterday and shared it with the students today. That young woman was Doreen Lassa, and this is what she said.
Yankee and Betty,

I am praying for you both as the new semester begins and you work with the college students-training an army! The responsibility is great and I pray for you every day. I am excited about getting your material in print so that it can influence even more!
In Christ Doreen
Mark 8:35

(She added a few personal things and added these final thoughts.)
I would rather stumble a thousand times attempting to reach a goal,
Than sit with the crowd, in my weatherproof shroud, a shriveled, self-satisfied soul.
I would rather be doing and daring all of my error filled days,
than watching and waiting and dying smug in my perfect ways.
I would rather wonder and blunder stumbling blindly ahead than for safety's sake, lest I make a mistake, be sure and secure-and dead. (anon)

When you have shared my name, Ralph Yankee Arnold, in the presence of others, was it when you were mentioning my name in prayer? Would you like to know what I said to Dr. A. Ray Stanford years ago? "Ray, I owe you an apology. I prayed for the Florida Bible College to grow, but I never prayed for you. I took you for granted. Will you forgive me?" He gave me a stare and then tears came into his eyes.

Would you dismiss my request for prayer, or would you go to the Throne of God on my behalf? If the Lord is in the work, then you know that the Devil is also there.

By the way, Louis Hernandez, our Friday night soul-winning Director shared that they had 88 people trust the Lord on October 3rd. Some of the attendees of "College for a Day" stayed over to experience the Friday night soul-winning.

 Florida Bible College of Tampa

At Calvary Community Church * 4811 George Road, Tampa

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