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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The apostle Paul ended many of his letters to the churches by heaping praise upon the women who labored with him in the ministry. Back in the late 60s and 70s, we challenged many young girls to attend Bible college. Some thought that would be acceptable for the guys, but girls? What could they do? They would know how to help their mate in serving the Lord, how to love, submit, pray, and  be the Godly wife their husband needs. They would know better how to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Sometimes they have a vision about stepping out by faith to accomplish great things for the Lord. One of those young ladies is Peggy Sperling. She was in that first graduating class of the Colorado Bible College I was privileged to start back in 1975. Sharon (Jackson) Sanchez came from our ministry and attended the Florida Bible College in Florida. She is the one in glasses and Peggy is in the black coat.


Hi Yankee,
Thank you so much for offering to do this for our ministry. I am grateful for all I learned from you and for the ways God is using this today.

Peggy Visits New City, Eager to Return    
Peggy Sperling and Yinyan Huang recently returned from a trip to China that included time spent in the city of Tianjin. The trip was very encouraging as they were able to teach over 200 people, including a group of 40 leaders from a 1000+ member house church!

Listen to how one Godly woman is being used to win many Chinese women to Christ. A burden plus compassion finds a way. Click Here to see this amazing video on how she gets it done.
Peggy_Sperling_on_youtubePeggy’s Women’s Connection teams began ministry in China in March of 2010 and to their knowledge the only ones doing women’s’ ministry there. She and Jon lead teams of men and women who train in many spiritual matters and family issues in churches and businesses in 2 major Chinese cities. She has been to China 13 times in 4 years. Thousands have been trained and are now walking with Christ.  Peggy also enjoys teaching and speaking in the US and helping women learn to simply share their faith using “Story Jewelry". 

This jewelry was designed by Peggy and made by a woman in China who has accepted Christ because of it.There are accompanying tracts and instructions in English, Chinese and Spanish. (The tract was written by Ann Bollinger!). All proceeds go to support the work in China and the Gospel is being shared around the world! Ann Bollinger (Another woman from our ministry) works with a women’s prison ministry. Through this ministry bracelets were sent to Haiti where they were used to share the Good News. The funds were used to send Peggy to China – I love God’s ideas and His economy!!
Peggy Sperling
Director - Women's Connection

Do you see why we want good Christian young women to attend Florida Bible College of Tampa? We simply believe God wants and needs them also.

Peter Amato, Dean
Florida Bible College of Tampa

Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold, President     Office phone  813-884-4328

4811 George Road Tampa, Florida 33634

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