Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Update with Colorado Friends

Yankee’s Traveling Update with Colorado Friends
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

I was priviledged to give the gospel at the First Southern Baptist Church in Northglenn, CO. Pastor Dan Dellinger is a product of our ministry of over 40 years ago. Michelle graduated from our college. It is great to see them serving the Lord together after all these years. They brought together some precious people whom we knew years ago for great fellowship. Two men showed up because they have been listening to me on the Denver radio station KLTT. One man was in tears and I received bear hugs from both. Dan and Michelle gave us three days at the Double-Tree Hotel. What a blessing. I am very proud of Dan.

After speaking for Dan, we dropped to visit with Pastor Rick Long of Grace Church in Arvada.
Rick and Shelly graduated from our Arvada Christian Schools, worked in our ranch, bus ministry, camps, Friday night soul-winning, church and college. Rick was a great student, youth worker, and has been blessed with unique speaking abilities. The Lord has used him in building an awesome soul-winning ministry. 
They have built a new church with four major services every week.
One of the first persons that I met was Barry Gammel. I married him and his wife together 33 years ago. When I came to Colorado 52 years ago, I was told to reach the adults, because teenagers do not have any money. But those teenagers, were easier to lead to Christ, got married, produced children, and are now the adults with good strong families. It is such a blessing to see so many laborers for Christ still standing for the clarity of the gospel.
I never thought that on our 60th anniversary (June 8th), we would actually be in the same area with Greg Stier in Frisco. By the way, he bought us a great breakfast. Rick and Greg are continuing to built a legacy of their own by the souls they have led and will lead to Christ. I love these guys.

These are comments that Greg shared on his facebook page. “It was so great to connect with “Yankee” and Betty Arnold today for breakfast in Frisco, Colorado. God used Yankee to lead my rough and tough North Denver family to Christ, help us grow in our faith and mobilize us to share the Gospel clearly and consistently. Good timing too because I’m on a writing retreat for a book that tells the story of my family’s radical conversion to Christ through his ministry! Got some more good stories from him! So thankful for these two and their influence in my life and family. There’s no way I would be doing Dare2share if God hadn’t used them to give me a vision, passion and strategy for evangelism!”

TONIGHT: It is supper with Kenny and Sharon Jackson Sanchez and breakfast in the morning with Mike Triem who is the Crawford Western Regional Manager of KLTT 670. I have been on this station for about 9 years at 8:30am.

Hoping to arrive in Cheyenne by June 10th Wed. night to meet with Dr. Richard Seymour.  Then we go St. Cloud, Minn. to speak for Pastor Tom Cucuzza this Sunday morning and evening.
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