Friday, July 10, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Troubles (opportunities)

Yankee’s Traveling Troubles
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

I often tell the college students that when the Lord is in something, the devil will also be there in the form of trouble. I believe most people are afraid to be afraid. Jesus continually told his disciples, “be not afraid”. Courage is fear that says its prayers and goes ahead. If you desire the best scriptures that describes the Christian life, read the last half of II Corinthians verses 23-31. It describes what Paul was willing to face to get the gospel to the lost.

Many times, I have had someone tell me, “Pastor, I’ve got some bad news for you.” I would quickly say, “No, you have some news, I’ll decide if it’s good or bad.” Opportunities usually come disguised as troubles as revealed in this amazing trip.

·        The generator for running the two air conditioners and microwave went out, a power surge from electrical power hook-up caused us two lose those two air conditioners,  and microwave was fried.   Radiator developed a leak and the motor ran hot on three small hills.  Betty broke her little toe and has been hobbling for about a month.

Php 1:12  But I would ye should understand, brethren, that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the gospel
Denver and Jan Couch were led to the lord by Dr. Hank Lindstrom many years ago at Calvary Community Church in Tampa. They now live in Henryville, Indiana, where we had planned to stay for a couple days before heading over the mountains into North Carolina on I-40.
They have a beautiful home in the country that borders the national forest. Our two-day stay turned into a week. We knew we had to repair the radiator, but who would do this on 4th of July weekend? Denver had this man come and replace the old one with a new one. Look at this.
These five boys came over to their ranch type room for game time. Denver said, “Go get them.” Three of them trusted the Lord. There were other men who came to do work on the property, and five more trusted the Lord. We had two home Bible studies around the kitchen table with different people.
I had made no plans to speak on July 5th, so I went on the internet to find a church to preach. I knew that this would be a miracle on such a short notice. I called a preacher and told him that I was available to speak if he wanted me. He said he would let me know. He called back and said that would be fine. When I looked up the church on youtube, I noticed that their doctrinal statement taught everything I stand against. I thought, I really messed-up.
Was I surprised! Patrick Stepp (on the left) had been following my youtube channel and sharing my teaching with the Pastor Albert Cross (left). They were surprised that I called, and I was surprised when I came. We had a great time together. Remember, none of this would have happened without the troubles (I mean opportunities). Yes, the next day, a man got both air conditioners running again. We are now in Asheville area of North Carolina.

Denver and Jan Couch were the perfect host. They furnished us with a great room, meals cooked specially by Denver, spaces to walk and contemplate the goodness of God, the time and place to fix the motor-home, and opportunities to make new friends.
I pray you enjoy my updates. Love to hear from you.
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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Updates with More Friends

Yankee’s Traveling Updates with More Friends
Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

After leaving Minnesota, we headed for Michigan to see Bob and Cindy Gilbert. On the way we stopped at Perkins Restaurant in Superior, Wisconsin to eat and fellowship with Dennis Rokser. Dennis is a great Bible teaching-pastor of the Duluth Bible Church in Duluth, Minnesota. He is a true defender of the fundamentals of the faith. The Lord has used Dennis to build a great ministry that reaches people around the world.
Bob and Cindy work at the Florida Bible College of Tampa and enjoy the summer break to relax in their home in upstate Michigan. Betty and I were blessed to share in that relaxing part after driving on the road for so long. (over 5,000 miles so far).
George and Linda Heckman (our missionaries) from Calvary were also taking a break with their three children who are also missionaries. If you count the children, there were 26 of us. They all left the next day. What a family.
They are all smiling and happy because of the quality of their driver. Somebody had to drive.
You would never believe all the places we have parked our motor-home. Betty is the official backer-inner and shotgun director. As you can see, she deserves another break. Bob has a beautiful 5 acres on the lake.
Greg Dixon is another good friend of mine that I have known for about 40 years. Greg and his father (Dr. Greg Dixon, who has gone home to be with the Lord) pastored the Indianapolis Baptist Temple and fought many battles for religious freedom in America. Greg is being used by the Lord to help nationals around the world to plant churches. We met at Cheddar in Indianapolis for a noon meal. Them chicken pot pies were great.

So many of you have shared with us how you have enjoyed taking a trip with us through our newsletters. Thank you very much for your prayers. We head for Georgia to see our children and grandchildren and then head for home in Tampa, Florida. I plan on being back in the pulpit at Calvary Community Church on Sunday morning July 26. Join me at 10:30 am.

Love to hear from you.
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Only Eternal Security Explains Salvation by Grace

Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Woe to every preacher who fails to preach the gospel of eternal security. The apostle Paul said, “Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel,” and also stated that he was, “Not ashamed of the gospel for it was the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.”

You cannot adequately explain grace without eternal security conclusion. For a person who believes they can lose their salvation, must mean they believe they can still go to Hell. Do you believe that a person is going to Heaven when they honestly believe they are going to Hell? Grace cannot be scripturally explained without the teaching of eternal security, it is impossible. To be justified by faith alone is to be eternally secure. No other option is acceptable.

Back in 1961, I was talking to a well-known Baptist preacher. I had only been saved a couple months when I asked him if he believed in once saved always saved. He told me, “Son, I do believe in once you are saved (meaning eternal security) you are always saved, but that is something that we don't tell the lost man because it's a “family secret.” Wrong! It is the lost-man's good news.

Being ashamed of eternal security is being ashamed of what Christ did (paid for all my sins so that I would have none to pay for) and what Christ said (He that believeth HATH ETERNAL LIFE). Therefore, “Christ died for our sinsaccording to the scriptures. Question, for how many of my sins did Christ pay? Some, most, or all? You know why Christ paid for all my sins? Because he did not want me to pay for any of my sins. The real reason I cannot go to Hell today is because I do not have any sins to pay for. The reason I cannot go to Hell in the future is because Christ paid for those also. Are you ashamed of these great truths in the gospel?

When Christ came back from the dead, the only thing he wanted any of us to do was to believe that he did it for us. Only believing puts that death payment to my account. John 3:16 says, that I am guaranteed two things will happen when I believe.
FIRST guarantee:
I will not perish (meaning, I cannot go to Hell or ever be condemned in the future John 5:24).
SECOND guarantee:
I have everlasting life (I am guaranteed to go to Heaven)

Are you ashamed of the gospel itself or are you ashamed of what people might say about the truth of the gospel such as:
·       You are given people a license to sin
·       You mean people can live any way they please and still go to Heaven.
·       Are you afraid because it may split your church?
If you are ashamed to stand for the truth of the gospel you need to resign from your church immediately and get an honest job.
If salvation is by works in any quantity or quality, all the following statements must be true.
  • There must be a change in their life.
  • One cannot live or practice sin in their life either accidentally or on purpose.
  •  One should doubt their salvation if they have not turned from all sins in their life.
  • One should doubt their salvation if there are areas that have not been totally dedicated to the Lord; for as they say if Christ is not Lord of all - he is not Lord at all, and if Christ is not Lord of your life you are not saved. (This is heresy.)
  • There must be evidences of salvation to know or guarantee that one is genuinely saved. (Who is this evidence for?)
  • If good works are not consistently produced and improving it must mean that one has lost their salvation, or it proves that they never had salvation because they did not persevere in the faith.
If a man is saved by grace, then none of the above is necessary, because none of those statements are true.
  •  According to grace, eternal security is what produces the offense of the gospel; because no works been required before during or after salvation is very offensive to the religious man
  • Take away eternal security and all religions will accept some form of salvation by grace, because grace is not offensive if some works are added as proof. The absence of quality works will automatically cause one to question their salvation. Preachers are to blame.
  •  Not to explain eternal security to a new believer is to automatically open them up to works for security if they were saved at all.
  • Eternal security should be the main issue in the presentation of the gospel; not a add on if there is time to cover it.
  •   If you believe a person can be saved without it, then you also must believe that all religions that teach any form of trust in Christ are saved also regardless of what else they believe.
·       What is the value of these verses without understanding their meaning? These verses all teach eternal security, but without understanding their meaning, they have no value.
o   John 3:16
o   John 6:47
o   John 5:24
  • When you believe in eternal security by grace alone, then you will see there is no need for the doctrine of perseverance in the faith as taught by Calvinists.
  • When you believe in eternal security you have eliminated the element of fear about losing your salvation.
  • When you believe in eternal security you have the proper foundation for a sustained peace of mind during your earthly journey and a solid foundation on which to build your walk with the Lord.
  • When you believe in eternal security you have established the only foundation of value for the message of the gospel.
To obtain salvation it is a decision  to trust Christ.
To obtain rewards it is a commitment to serve Christ.
This message on the gospel has nothing to do with service.

Wayne Graham wrote the following on June 27th 2020.
I was stuck in the Lordship salvation garbage. I could not, for many years, figure out why I could not live like them, being all “perfect” and all. I still fought with habits and sin. Then one day, I found a pastor named Ralph Yankee Arnold on you tube from Tampa Florida. I fought with it, listened, and one day, realized that I am a sinner, we all are, read 1 Corinthians 15 1-4, understood God’s real Grace thru faith, and have felt the world lift off my shoulders. God loves me, even as a sinner, Jesus, died for my sins, was buried, and resurrected on the 3rd day. I don’t look at my sin no more. I know I have ever lasting life and go to heaven when I die. My sins, ALL have been forgiven, I am clothed in white, GOD don’t see my sins, sees my righteousness bathed in the blood of Christ. God’s grace is great, relief, sets you free. Do I still battle everyday with sin? Yes, I do. Because I am a sinner, and flesh is sinful; but my inside is a new man, my flesh is the old man. Thank you, God, for loving me, thank you Jesus for dying for my sins. Thank you for your promise.
Love to hear from you.
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