Thursday, January 31, 2019

Why only the TWO NATURES explain grace

Greg Stier graduated from our Christian school in Colorado. Greg and I are Soul-Seekers. As evangelist we will go anywhere to preach the gospel to the lost. We tear down walls to reach the lost, but as pastors we build  walls of solid doctrine to keep false teaching out of our churches. Greg has been privileged to give the gospel for about 20 minutes at each of the WinterJam meetings across the United States.

About 10,000 (including Betty and I) went to see Greg give the gospel. As I have a tendency to peek during the invitation, I saw several hundred raise their hands to trust Christ as their Savior.
The Jim Tingen Story is a true story about a young man that just couldn’t explain the Gospel clearly. He wasn’t the type of kid that most people made friends with but he knew that people needed to hear the Gospel to be saved. Believe me; you will be affected by this story in a profound way
This story absolutely blew the teenagers away. One of the big reasons I am doing what I’m doing today at Dare 2 Share is because I heard the Jim Tingen story when I was a teenager.”
                                                                                                                 —Greg Stier
The Jim Tingen story was the most powerful story I had ever heard. It was a story that ran the gamut of emotional highs and lows, tears and laughter, and suspense as great as any drama presentation I had ever encountered. It was used as a tremendous training tool on what it means to have a burden for souls, how to witness, and what sacrifice is all about.                                           — Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Calvinist would not believe that believers must persevere in the faith,  nor would anyone believe you could lose your salvation if they only understood the Two Natures. No preacher would tell the lost man to Turn from Sin or make Christ the Lord of their Life to be saved if they truly understood the Two Natures.

You would think that if eternal security was true, why wouldn't Jesus say so plainly? This message shows you that Jesus actually debated this issue. Remember, if you are not saved forever, you are not and cannot be saved at all. If Christ cannot save me forever, he cannot save me at all. This is real power of the gospel. You cannot know you are going to Heaven until you know you cannot go to Hell.

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