Friday, April 3, 2020

My Beloved Friend, Dr. James Scudder, just received his glorified body

Well, it looks like I have had another close friend complete his term of service here on earth. Dr. James Scudder, Founder and Pastor of Quentin Road Baptist Church for over 40 years received his glorified body on March 24, 2020.
Dr. Scudder and his wife, Linda, visited with Betty and me last year right after my serious neck surgery. We have known each other for 50 years. We have experienced many trials, heartbreaks and disappointments in the ministry, but also enjoyed much success, victories and blessings. 


Dad has gone into glory. He finished strong. He is likely getting his WD Degree (Matthew 25:23) now - or perhaps the Lord will wait for all of us to be a witness. He has been steady and bold. Never has he backed down from his convictions. He has always honored God’s Word. He never thought he had arrived, but always encouraged us all to follow him as he followed Christ. 

We will have a private burial soon, but we will have a huge memorial service at the Quentin Road Baptist Church as soon as the current crisis has passed. 

Never have we closed Quentin Road. I’ve never seen busier hallways in any ministry in the world. But today, because of the Coronavirus, we have closed - almost as if the amazing ministry he started is also in mourning. 

Although very sad, we do not mourn as others that have no hope. Let the memory of this faithful man inspire us all to renew our dedication to serve Jesus until He returns. 

Even So Come Lord Jesus,

Jim Scudder, Jr.

Dr. Scudder had well prepared the Quentin Road Baptist Church for his graduation party. His son, Jim Scudder, Jr., also walked with the Lord and in most cases he walked in the same steps as his father. Dr. Scudder’s example of a good father, husband, and pastor provided his son with the adequate training needed to be the pastor of the church.  
Over the years, many students of Florida Bible College would attend the Grace Conference in Chicago that was sponsored and hosted by Dr. Scudder. His love for the Gospel of Grace was refreshing and unifying in our continuing motivation to serve the Lord. His standard of excellence has reached around the world.

He ran well, he lived well, he built well, he preached well, he wrote well, and he finished well. Knowing Dr. Scudder has enriched my life and ministry. Please pray for Linda, his family and the Quentin Road Baptist Church as they learn to adjust to his absence in their lives. Dr. Scudder was a branch that bore MUCH FRUIT!.

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