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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Oh, how I miss my hunting days

 Oh, how I miss my hunting days

When I lived in Arvada, Colorado, (over 35 years ago) I went deer and elk hunting for 18 straight years. Many times, I went alone but several times with my children. Majority of the times, my wife had no clue as to where I was. I would be gone 10-15 days.

Eddie, my youngest son, told me that if I did not stop singing, we were never going to see game. I did not know my voice was that bad.

Trina and David were both teenagers when they joined me on a hunting trip. We carried our tent, supplies, food, and ammunition to the top of Lizard Head in Ophir, Colorado. The problem was the rain, cold and the weariness we had after driving about 8 hours. Having wet toilet paper and bread can totally ruin a perfectly good plan.

 Here is the picture of the elk that I shot the first day. It snowed over three feet of snow that night that required two men on horseback to haul out the meat.

I had the most unusual jeep. This was really a British Military Austin Scamp from 1961. It had a Rolls Royce motor and two drive shafts. Getting use to driving it from the passengers’ seat was a great experience.

Since I cannot show you a picture of me catching a big fish that I could exhibit on facebook, this is the best I can do. I am hoping that Charlie Bing and all those great fishermen in Northern Minnesota see this. Perhaps this year when I go thru Minnesota, I will finally catch a big one to put on Facebook.

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