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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Do you want to learn the Bible at Florida Bible College

Florida Bible College of Tampa

Do you want to learn the Bible?

Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

Florida Bible College of Tampa conducts on-campus classes for those who can attend in person as well as those who would like to attend with live streaming. You may also prefer to learn from the comfort of your home, at the speed you desire, and at the time that fits best into your schedule.

My ministry of over 55 years can be traced back to my attending Florida Bible College in 1964. Jesse Martinez attended FBC of Tampa, graduated, and is now the pastor of Calvary Community Church of Tampa where I pastored for 11 years. Had he not made the decision to study God’s word, he would not have met the qualifications to be a senior pastor. We are blessed to have (Jesse and John Hembree) two of our graduates, as new members on the Board of Directors. John is presently serving as Associate Pastor of the Northside Baptist Church in Athens, Georgia where I was pastor for 15 years.

Current Board:

The Lord has blessed us with 8 wonderful godly men that give spiritual direction for the college.

  1. Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold - President of Board and College, Instructor
  2. Dr. Jim Polson - VP, Treasurer & Secretary 
  3. Dr. Phil Myers - Chaplain and Instructor
  4. Dr. Wally Morillo
  5. Pastor Jesse Martinez - Dean of the College and Instructor
  6. Bob Brookes - Instructor
  7. John Hembree
  8. Dave Adams

Dr. Bob Gilbert   Administrator, Registrar, and Instructor  

Additional Faculty Members:

  1. Louie Hernandez        Instructor
  2. Cindy Gilbert              Instructor
  3. Kay Myers                  Instructor


Audit - $75 / semester hour          Credit - $150 / semester hour

            Other fees: 

Textbooks vary per class,and must be purchased. No additional audit fees.         

Credit “matriculation fee” each semester $40 (<7), $65 (7-11), $115 (12 or more);

Deferred payment $100 (if fees paid over four, five or six months).

Half tuition if “full time” (12 or more semester hours) or if spouse of full-time student.

Dr. Arnold’s Online Classes


Personal Evangelism

Professor: President Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

Detailed and comprehensive study of the plan of salvation with Scriptural and practical methods of sharing this message. Emphasis on Scripture memorization.

3 Semester Hours (45 class sessions)

For Credit            For Audit

The Books of Daniel and Revelation

Professor: President Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

Careful, interpretive course on the book of Revelation, drawing in large portions of Daniel, Ezekiel, and other books dealing with the last times.

2 Semester Hours (28 class sessions)

For Credit       For Audit

The Book of Galatians (2018)

Professor: President Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

Verse by verse study emphasizing the clarity of the Gospel and Christian liberty.

2 Semester Hours (28 class sessions)

For Credit       For Audit

Cult Evangelism

Professor: President Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

Survey of major world cults and religions comparing doctrines with those of the Bible. Stress on defending Biblical truth against false teaching and evangelizing those blinded by it.

3 Semester Hours (45 class sessions)

For Credit    For Audit

This wallet illustration is demonstrated here: Only 4 minutes long


For immediate attention, or more information on additional classes taught on campus or online, please contact:

Bob Gilbert, Registrar  
850-227-5325 (cell)



Florida Bible College of Tampa
4811 George Road, Tampa, FL 33634

Phone: (813)-884-8182
Alt Phone: (850)-227-5325


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