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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Dr. Phil Myers begins a new ministry for indept Bible Study-Professor at Florida Bible College of Tampa

 Dr. Phil Myers

Professor at Florida Bible College of Tampa

As the President of Florida Bible College of Tampa, I am proud to have such a gifted teacher as Dr. Phil Myers, PhD on our faculty. He is a respected professor and greatly loved. Phil and his lovely wife, Kay, have truly been a blessing from the very beginning of FBCT. Phil has launched a new ministry that is designed especially for you. Let him tell you about it through his website or his blog listed below. 

Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Phil Myers attended Taylor University (BS, biology), Florida Bible College (BA), Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and Freedom University (Doctorate in Christian Education).

Dear fellow Bible student,

I’m Phil Myers. My dad led me to faith in Christ as my Savior as a very small boy. I made a firm decision to serve the Lord Jesus at about age 10 and never went back on the vow. I became an avid student of the Bible in my early twenties.

I’ve taught every chapter of the Bible in a very simple Bible study called “Doc’s Discovery Books.” I ask about 5-10 questions in each chapter. I’ve read the OT about 50 times and the NT about 100 times. I’ve written hundreds of blog articles on many topics about lay ministry in the local church as well as theological issues. I’ve been on radio regularly, trained Bible teachers in 30 states, 4 continents, and 8 foreign countries.

I’ve taught children for 25 years and Bible college for 20 years. I’ve been married to Kay for 50 years and have 9 kids. And I love the local church especially those who are actively using their spiritual gifts.

I've just launched a website, Bible By Paragraphs, to help newer Bible students learn how to read the Bible more carefully so they can avoid common mistakes. Each series includes a complete syllabus. Sessions are college length, 45-55 minutes each. There are 200 kinds of Bible study tips spread out over the many sessions planned.

 Visit or

Please email me your comments and let me know that you are praying for me.

For those who cannot afford a Bible college education,
Phil Myers

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