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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Meet my grand-son in the Lord LANCE EDMINSTER


A few years ago while talking to a young man and his wife, he looked at me from across the table and said, "You are my grandfather." I was stunned for a couple seconds when I saw a large smile on his face. He quickly informed me that Pastor Dan Adams, (whom I had led to Christ back in 1969), had led him to Christ. Now I can say that my grand-son has started a church in Taconite, Minnesota called "The Grace Gospel Church." GREAT NAME!!!

A man that is committed to the clarity and defense of the Gospel of Christ.

Lance told me that he has listened to over 2000 of my messages on Podcast and one full length message from my youtube channel ( ) everyday. They had a great crowd for the middle of the week.

Dearly beloved, we had the pleasure to host the prophecy conference this past week at The Grace Gospel Church with Dr. Yankee Arnold and his bride, Betty. It was an honor to hear him speak at The Grace Gospel Church 3 nights. There were people that got saved at the conference. Thank you and God bless you Yankee and Betty. If you have time, I highly recommend watching the three videos.


I enjoy singing once in a while. Nobody left. I am very proud of my new found grand-son. Send him a nice word of encouragement.

Pastor Lance Edminster

The Grace Gospel Church

The Good News Voice




Thank You and God Bless,
Yankee Arnold Ministries 
Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold
7028 W. Waters Ave. Suite 316
Tampa, Florida 33634

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