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Wednesday, April 21, 2021



Ray was born in Winter Haven, Florida and passed into glory on

May 21, 2012 at the golden age of 95. 

I met Ray in 1964 at the Summer Christian Youth Ranch Conference in Boca Raton, Florida. I was blown away with the excitement of young people trusting Christ as Savior and to see so many dedicating their lives to serve the Lord. That is when I determined to attend the Florida Bible College in Miami. Ray gave me the opportunity to serve as co-director of the Miami Christian Youth Ranch for two years.

Ray’s loving presentation of the Gospel for the lost and his compassionate challenge to the believer to win souls, captivated me to do the same.  I never want to forget where I came from or fail to remember those God used to influence my life for him. I owe so much.

Through his life, he has trained many thousands on his specialized techniques of winning people to Christ.


I had the privilege of going to Egypt with Dr. A. Ray Stanford about 18 years ago. I had just been given a blood transfusion from having a bleeding ulcer two days before the flight. 

Betty and Trina (my daughter) were pushing me through the Atlanta airport in a wheelchair. I was so weak that I could not keep my eyes open. I could hardly stand, but I just couldn’t pass up this great opportunity to go soul winning with Ray. I praised the Lord for helping me heal so quickly.

Ray signed many of his personal evangelism handbooks that were translated into Arabic. You may download this book in Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic free of charge from: CLICK HERE!!!

Ray had just led several more to the Lord. It was like going soul winning with the great Apostle Paul. At 85, he was still the best one on one I have ever met.

Ray would witness to anyone he could. A few spoke English which made it nice.

YES, we saw the sites!!! 

Ray had led Dr. Farouk to the Lord while playing tennis with him. He was from Egypt and made this trip possible. 

Ray was not only the Pastor of Grove Community Church, President of Florida Bible College, Founder of the Christian Youth Ranch Movement, and Spiritual Father of thousands; he was my friend and I loved him dearly and I miss him greatly.


God Bless and keep looking up,

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