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Saturday, November 28, 2020


Ralph “Yankee” Arnold

Today they tell us that to have the Bible, God, or Christianity in our public schools is a violation of our U.S. Constitution. Would you believe that “Back in the Day” of not so long ago, principals of many of our public schools were thrilled to have Christ presented to their students by holding special assemblies just for that purpose. Notice this letter dated June 12, 1968 by Tom Adams, Secretary of State of the state of Florida.



Here are the "Spokesmen" Tom Adams referred to in his letter. Starting on the left is Don Smith on the bass, Dick Hill, Bruce Porter, Mike Otto, and David. They were sharp, young, vibrant, great voices and they loved the Lord.

The next pictures were in high schools in Arvada , Colorado.

Dr. A. Ray Stanford was truly a one man show. I have never seen anyone hold a crowd of young people like He did. With his exciting war stories, humor and personal testimony he shared the clearness of the gospel with an invitation for students to trust the Lord. Thousands of students responded.

If it is unconstitutional now to have the Bible or God in the schools; why was it not unconstitutional when the founding fathers (who wrote and signed the U. S. Constitution) who started the universities like Yale, Princeton and Harvard? They were to prepare young men for the ministry in order to preserve the constitution.

Ralph Arnold


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