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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Missions Conference Friday October 16-18, 2020


Here are two sermons  I recently preached for our people to prepare their hearts for our Missions Conference.

Many pastors believe the "Great Commission" was set aside when the Apostle Paul came on the scene. Really? Give this message an honest hearing.  CLICK HERE!

If through the Holy Spirit God created the world and raised Christ from the dead; why do the children of God live such powerless lives? This message on "The Power of the Holy Spirit" can truly change a new babe in Christ or a tired worn-out saint. Give it a chance. CLICK HERE!

  To register for the Missions Conference please click HERE!

DEADLINE to register is October 11, 2020. There is NO CHARGE for the conference, but $10.00 is for Friday night Banquet only. Registering to attend on Saturday will help in meal preparations.

All meals are catered by the following Restaurants

If our politicians can ask 10-20 times a day for the last 5 months for finances, I definitely am not ashamed to ask help for God's servants. Your donation for Missions will be shared among our missionaries on the 18th. Will you contribute a generous gift for the cause of Christ? Donate Here!
Any questions please call church office at: 813-884-4328 or email:

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