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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Yankee’s Traveling Updates
Betty and I stopped to see Lee and Irene Patton in San Antonio. Lee was a student at Florida Bible College and lived in the Arnold Dorm back in 1966-68. We graduated together, went into Summer Bible Camps with Cliff Taylor together, and then began our ministries God had for us for the next 52 years. We have maintained our close and highly valued friendship and fellowship over the years by encouraging each other in our walk with the Lord.
This was us today. Time has worn on us a little, but as they say,
the golden age is not for sissies. 
 But now my good buddy needs your prayers. Lee has faced cancer, heart attacks, surgeries, and strokes in the last few years which has taken its’ toll on his body. His last stroke in January of 2020, has left him struggling even to use a walker. He prays for Faith Bible Church (a church he started over 46 years ago) could find a good, godly, grace preacher with Florida Bible College clarity on the gospel that holds to a dispensational position with the scriptures. I was privileged to speak in both services this Sunday May 24th. About 2/3rd of his people have not returned due to the virus concerns.
Please pray and contact Pastor Patton at: 210-268-7162 or email: if interested or send your resume to:
Pastor Lee Patton
Faith Bible Church
423 Ashley Road
San Antonio, Texas, 78221
Lee and Irene are pictured with 4 of their 5 children. Left is Daniel, Frances, Betty Jean, and Paula on the right (Gilbert is not pictured).
We are now headed to Pharr, Texas (South near the Mexican border) to be with Wally and Jayne Morillo for a week.
We will then go through Austin, up to be with Charlie Bing near Fort Worth, and then over to speak for Mike McFarlin in East Texas on Wednesday night June 3rd.
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