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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Did Jesus Teach the &0th Week of Daniel?

Just posted today 04-07-2020
The Corona-virus has caused many people to fear that we are about to enter the 7-year Tribulation Period spoken of in the book of Revelation. Many preachers believe that the church will enter this most terrible time upon earth. This message (along with my prophetic chart) will clearly prove that the church does not enter into the 7-year Tribulation. 
We all know that the 69 weeks (483 years) described in Daniel 9 goes until Christ is cut off. (Death on the cross). But many do not know that Jesus actually taught the true understanding of the 70th week that is future and why the church is not involved, seen, or mentioned in the Tribulation.
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Agree or disagree because of what I teach from the Bible, not according to the kind of Bible I choose to use, which is a KJV. After many years of preaching (55), I have noticed that those who disagree with what I preach are very eager to straighten me out by responding by emails or commenting on-line; however those who may agree give very little response of encouragement. I do want to be a blessing, and it would be great to know if I am.
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