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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Misc Pictures of 2019 Missions Conference

Our missions conference was incredible!!!
Thanks for all your prayers and financial gifts for the missionaries. They were honored to receive many of the items they had requested in their "Prayer Request Letter." We were able to provide 6 new laptop computers and 2 washers and dryers for Freddie's Camp Grace Farm. Each missionary was provided with transportation expenses, a great place to stay, great meals, an opportunity to present their ministry, an a very generous financial gift heading into the holiday season. 
The largest gallery I've ever had on the golf course was three, and they were against me. After having my neck surgery, I was thrilled to play 18 holes with Jesse Martinez, Gary Stefan, and Jan Velazquez (3 deacons).  
 I finally got to meet Shirley Brounley. She was the assistant dean of women at the Florida Bible College in Hollywood years ago. Now at 85 she is still going strong for the Lord. She is one of our admins for our new Florida Bible College Legacy Facebook page.
 It is always a joy to interview one of our outstanding missionaries on my live Friday morning radio show. Jon and Peggy Sperling are missionaries to China.
Bob Brookes still has it! What a voice to use for the Lord. The meetings were well attended and all the meals provided great exchange with our missionaries.
Although 5 families came from out of state for the conference, The Payne family (Kedron, Jamie, Amanda,  Kaylee and Amy) came from North Carolina and joined Betty and I at the Village Inn for fellowship. They . They learned of Calvary from our YouTube ministry.
Evangelist Freddie Coile was our main speaker at the banquet on Friday night.
 Tyler Hamby graduated from Florida Bible College of Tampa and now works 
full time at Camp Grace in Dewey Rose, Ga.
 Jon and Peggy Sperling
 Joe and Terri Potter
 George and Linda Heckman
 Cody and Beka Burns are our new missionaries
 Mark and Terry Barnes
 Birbal and Annette Boodram from Trinidad
Pastor Tom and Sue Cucuzza from St. Cloud, Minn. Tom is the founder and pastor of the Northland Bible Baptist Church. He is a tremendous conference speaker who is sound on doctrine and exceptionally clear on the gospel. 

When Lonnie and Maya saw pictures being taken of the missionaries they knew that it included them. Patti Rivera said, "All Lonnie talked about this week is becoming a missionary. She wanted to eat healthy like a missionary."
 The Fabulous Firehouse Five
 Freddie knows how to get it done.
 George Tripp conducted one of our workshops.
 Some of the kitchen staff; Cindy, Betty, Linda, Tracy, and Margie
Becky not only played the violin but kept us informed about our missionaries needs. Larry provided his usual musical piano talents to all our services.
 We were so blessed to have Dr. Phil Myers do a workshop.
Pastor Jesse Martinez (our new Assistant Pastor and graduate from Florida Bible College of Tampa) is a truly talented and gifted individual that God has blessed with great spiritual insights into what needs to be done and how to get it done.
Kyla Martinez (left) is our church secretary and put together our theme banners, posters, and fliers for the conference. She finally gets to relax with her mother (front right) at the Ladies Tea.
 Bob Gilbert (registrar at Florida Bible College) was a workshop speaker.
Robert Rodriguez (who was led to the Lord by Jesse) gave a testimony on the value of Youth Ranch and Summer Camps.
Louie Hernandez is an instructor at Florida Bible College and a missionary to many foreign countries.
 Kids will have their moments. Most adults are just older kids.

We would love to see you here next year. PLAN NOW
October 16-18 (Friday - Sunday)
Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
4811 George Rd.
Tampa, FL 33634

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