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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Would you allow me the opportunity to tug at your heart for a moment? How did you really feel when you saw little children with many physical handicaps on national television requesting your financial help to a particular hospital that was committed to helping children for only $19 a month? Doesn't it do your heart good to know that there were many people who voluntarily choose to support groups like the Wounded Warriors Projects? Did your heart break when you saw the pictures of dogs that were chained in the shivering cold and for $19 a month they would be able to deliver them from their devastating dilemma? Pleas are made every day for someone with a compassionate heart to make a generous donation to help feed starving children around the world. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with all of these humanitarian goals for financial support. I do believe that the greatest manifestation of compassion for the human race is their need of the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. Missionaries are Necessary to reach the souls of men, women and children before it is everlastingly too late. I am requesting and beseeching on the behalf of the following missionaries for the financial support they need to reach people that will make a difference for eternity. 100% of all missionary donations go to the missionaries.
Mar_8:35  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.
1Co_9:23  And this I do for the gospel's sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.
1Th_1:5  For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake.
Donate to FLORIDA BIBLE COLLEGE trained Missionaries

 Birbal Boodram
Birbal and Annette Boodram came from a Hindu background. They both trusted Christ as Saviour at the age of sixteen. Upon graduation from High school, the Lord called Birbal into the ministry and in preparation for it, he attended Florida Bible College in the USA where he graduated with a B.A. degree in Biblical Education. He then continued his education, graduating with a M.Th. and D.Min. from the North American School of Theology. He also holds the Th.D. from Solid Rock Theological Seminary. Upon completion of his theological training in 1973 he and his wife returned to their home country Trinidad and Tobago where they began ministering. They founded the Kelly Youth Ranch in 1973, Kelly Community Bible Church in 1976 and Trinidad Bible Institute in 1989 where he serves as the senior Pastor & President of the Institute.  He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counseling, conducting family life Seminars for the past 35 years. Dr. Boodram is the registrar, professor, coordinator and Advisor of Solid Rock Theological Seminary extension in the Caribbean and South America. 
Charlie Bing

Charlie believed in Jesus as his Savior at the age of 19 in 1973 after hearing the gospel from a co-worker and reading the Bible. He attended Washington Bible College, B.A. (Lanham, MD), and Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M, Ph.D. Soon after he began Bible College in 1976, he was so impressed by the truth of the Bible that he wanted to share it with everyone anywhere. He did not have being a missionary in mind, though he knew that cross-cultural ministry would give him many opportunities to share the truth of the Word. As a pastor, he heavily supported missions and went on short-term trips. But the desire in his heart also grew to devote more time to share the gospel in more places more of the time. So in 2005 he left the pastorate so that he could travel more with his ministry, GraceLife. He founded and directs GraceLife Ministries. GraceLife shares the gospel of grace with unbelievers and the grace of the gospel with believers. He speaks around the world in a variety of formats. He also organizes and leads teams of instructors to teach in his GraceLife Institute which makes biblical training available to pastors and leaders who do not have good opportunities to learn. GraceLife’s emphasis is grounding them in the gospel of grace and the life and ministry that flows from that. The gospel of grace frees them from fear and doubt and gives them confidence in life and ministry.
Cody and Beka Burns
Cody and Beka both trusted the Lord at a young age. We also both grew up around missions and saw the need for people who were willing to go to those who have never heard. Cody first knew he wanted to be a missionary pilot when he was about 10 years old because he loved flying in the small planes back and forth to the tribe and because his family really depended on the aviation ministry to be able to live among the Yuqui people in Bolivia and teach them through God's word. Beka decided she wanted to be a missionary on a trip to Brazil when she was 16. While she was there, she got to live in a Baniua village and as she got to know the people, she realized that they would never know that Jesus loved them and gave His life for them unless someone took the time to live with them, learn their language, and translate the Bible. They both went through New Tribes Bible Institute and Missionary Training Center in preparation for cross-cultural ministry. Cody attended Florida State College in Jacksonville for his aircraft mechanic license and Moody Aviation for his pilot training. Beka attended Daytona State College for EMT and Paramedic training. They are currently going through orientation and pre-field preparation at Ethnos360's state-side aviation base. They are preparing for an aviation/medical ministry serving the missionaries working with difficult-to-reach people groups in either Brazil or Papua New Guinea. 
Freddie Coile
Freddie trusted the Lord when he was eight years old. He decided he wanted to become a missionary when he was eighteen years old. He received his BS in Education from the University of Georgia and his BA in Bible from Florida Bible College. Freddie is the President of Focus Evangelistic Ministries, Inc. based in Danielsville, Georgia. He is a full time itinerant evangelist and Bible teacher communicating the Bible in churches, schools, Bible conferences, prisons, colleges, and youth camps. He is the author of First Steps, an instructive guide for new believers. He is also the founder of Grace Farm, a camp and training center in Dewy Rose, GA. Freddie is passionate about communicating the good news of the gospel to those who are not certain of eternal life, and delivering understandable Bible teaching to the Saved.
Joe and Terri Potter
Joe trusted the Lord at the age of 20 through the ministries of Northside Baptist Church and the West Coast Youth Ranch in St. Pete. Terri was raised Catholic and heard the Gospel at the age of 18 at West Coast Youth Ranch. She trusted the Lord at an Easter camp when Hank Lindstrom spoke about the Rapture. Joe was studying accounting at University of South Florida when he trusted the Lord and went on to Florida Bible College from which he graduated.  Terri attended Florida Bible College for 4 years, but graduated from Solid Rock Seminary extension school in Guyana through Dr. Boodram. They were each challenged about becoming missionaries while at Florida Bible College where they met and got married in 1974.  After they were married, they worked with Colorado Bible Church, College and Christian School under Pastor Arnold, where they gained much ministry experience. In 1995, the Lord directed them to Guyana, South America with their children, Joel, Bekah and Jon to serve with a church planting team of American missionaries and Guyanese nationals: leading people to Christ from Hindu and Muslim backgrounds, discipling leaders and working with various churches in Guyana. God blessed with much fruit and all the churches are now under national leadership.  Presently, they are based in St. Petersburg and work with Crossworld as mobilizers; Terri also helps with various training events for Crossworld in Kansas City and Asia teaching missionary kids.  Joe and Terri are passionate about "building disciple-makers for the next generation on the foundation of the clear gospel” here in the US just like they did in Guyana. Presently, they are utilizing their intense life-experiences in Guyana to highlight the need for mature disciple-makers from all professions as they represent Crossworld at churches, colleges, schools and life on life situations.  They find time for evangelistic Bible studies as well as Good News Clubs.  
Jon and Peggy Sperling
Peggy accepted Christ as her Savior when she was six years old in a Sunday school class. She learned how to share the Gospel at Rocky Mountain Christian Youth Ranch and was honored to be part of the first graduating class of Colorado Bible College, later teaching at the Arvada Christian School. While raising her four children, she ran a home-based business which also became an outreach ministry. At every turn, she has appreciated the clear teaching from Dr. Ralph (Yankee) Arnold and she loves sharing it! The idea of foreign missions was not her own, she knew it was a clear direction from God! After leaving her business, she worked for several ministries and waited for two opportunities in the fall but God closed those doors in one morning and on the same day, a call came about a new mission organization called Global Partners in Hope. Twelve days later, after meeting the CEO and receiving a donation to launch her, she was tasked with beginning a ministry in China as Director of Family Connections. Jon trusted in the Lord at age 5, in the back of his parent’s car on the way home from Sunday night service. Throughout his early years, his family attended a church that was strongly focused on world missions, though he didn’t feel God was calling him to serve in that way, at that time.  Because Jon enjoyed math and science so much in high school he graduated from a Christian college with a degree in geology and math and later on in life he earned an MBA in HR. God has now given him the opportunity to use his skills with people and problem solving in full-time ministry – first as chief operating officer for an international ministry, and now with Peggy, working as the director of GPIH in China!
Louie Hernandez
 Louie trusted Christ at the Tampa Youth Ranch in 1972 and dedicated his life later on that year at a ranch camp. He graduated from Tampa Bay Bible College in 1983 and then worked in different Christian schools for over 28 years and now he is teaching at Florida Bible College of Tampa and working at Calvary Community Church. With one group he gives out Bibles to college students, K-12 students and people entering the military. Over the past seven years he has taken students on Friday night to disciple them in becoming better witnesses with the gospel. He has counted 10,000 people have trusted Christ through this ministry. He also goes with Stetson Ministries, medical mission trips to different countries. This year they are planning to go to Kenya in Africa. They have a fundraiser called Gunrunner’s 5K run for this trip. They take Bibles and tracts in the language of the country they go to. The patients get treated with free medicine and get to hear a clear gospel message. This past summer in the Dominican Republic over 240 people trusted Jesus as their Savior and not in their good works. This will be his eighth medical mission trip and although it is hard work it’s very worthwhile. 
Mark and Terry Barnes
Mark was born in Florida, but lived most of his childhood in Indonesia.  He trusted the Lord as his Savior at the age of 20, while reading a Gideon Bible in jail awaiting his sentencing for a drug charge.  He spent 2 years in a prison in north Florida where a godly chaplain and assistant-chaplain discipled him in God’s Word.  When Mark was released from prison, he moved to Florida Bible College to get grounded in his faith.  There he met and fell in love with Terry who was an NTM missionary kid from PNG. Mark and Terry both felt the Lord leading them to teach missionary kids overseas. Mark holds a bachelor degree in Secondary Education with a History Proficiency from Tennessee Temple University and Terry has her Elementary Education degree from Florida Bible College. In 1985 the Barnes flew to Papua New Guinea, with their two young sons, to teach at New Tribes Mission’s school for missionary children Numonohi Christian Academy. After fifteen years they stepped out of teaching to work full-time in the community. In 2006, after 21 years in PNG, Mark and Terry moved stateside and became NTM Representatives for West Florida. New Tribes Mission is now Ethnos360.
Tyler Hamby
Tyler’s great-grandmother, Roberta, led him to the Lord when he was eight years old using a gospel tract. Tyler attended summer camps through his high school years and attended the youth group at Northside Baptist Church. After attending camps at Grace Farm he thought it would be cool to be involved there one day. After graduating high school he attended Florida Bible College of Tampa and graduated with a degree in Biblical Studies. As he got closer to graduating his dream of becoming a missionary became more of a reality. The summer of 2016 at an event at Grace Farm, he stood back and looked at one of the projects he had worked on that summer. He had a moment of peace about the thought of being a missionary at Grace Farm. It was clear to him God was leading him and preparing him for the position he is in now with Focus Evangelistic Ministries. As of September of 2018 he made the transition into full time ministry with Freddie Coile’s Focus Evangelistic Ministries. In his position there is a focus on Grace Farm, a camp ministry under the umbrella of FEMI.
Bruce and Jackie Campbell
Bruce was not from a church background and first heard the clear gospel at the West Coast Youth Ranch in St. Petersburg. He was in 9th grade when he trusted Christ as his Savior. Jackie grew up in church and trusted Christ as her Savior at a young age. Jackie has a BS in Education from Urbana University in Ohio. Later, she decided to go to Florida Bible College and got her BA in Biblical Education. Because she had transfer credits she entered as a junior and although she was a senior when Bruce started going to FBC, the school was so big that they never met. Jackie went on to teach at a Christian school. Bruce went to Florida Bible College after graduating from high school. At the time he thought he might be a youth pastor not realizing God’s plans for him. Bruce decided to be a missionary when he was a junior at Florida Bible College. Jackie wanted to be a missionary for a long time. She was teaching in a Christian school for many years until she finally turned in her resignation letter because she sent off applications to several agencies to become a missionary. She didn’t hear back from any of the agencies so she agreed to teach one more year. It was that year that Bruce came to visit the church on his way to Hong Kong. This is how she ended up being a missionary to Hong Kong. Today Bruce is teaching English at the Alliance Bible Seminary one day a week. They provide an off campus means for the students to socialize, learn and practice English. They get to share the gospel with them and teach them the Bible. Their goal is to train these future English teachers to do small group Bible studies and ‘ranch type’ outreaches after they graduate from university. We are presently working with about 200 different students from about 3 or 4 different departments. Our team has long term and short term workers from America, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Austria.

Greg Sirmons

Greg Sirmons trusted the Lord as his savior as a child, while attending a VBS, around the age of 6. Greg attended Florida Bible College from 1973 to 1977 and when he was a junior he felt the Lord calling him to become a missionary. Greg is currently serving at a small church in Lille, France as well as work with an online Bible Institute.
George & Linda Heckman
George Heckman trusted the Lord as his Savior in 1975 while attending a Youth Ranch in South Florida.  He attended FBC from 1977 through 1978.  He worked with the Suncoast Youth Ranch in Clearwater Florida before moving to Colorado Bible College in 1978 to finish his BA degree.  During his time at CBC, George was challenged by Paul Cheshire (Lori Preshaw’s brother) about the great needs for the Gospel in Senegal West Africa.   He and Linda worked with a church plant in Greeley, Colorado from 1981-1986. From the time George and Linda were married they planned on going into Missions. George and Linda have been actively serving with New Tribes Mission/Ethnos360 since 1986.  George taught at a NTM Missionary training center for 16 years, in Oregon, as well as teaching in a local church in Oregon and in Florida. 

Linda Trusted the Lord as her Savior when she was 10 through reading the Gospel in a Bernard Palmer book.  John 1:12 was given and she became a child of God.  Linda attended Youth ranch from 7th grade on in Clearwater Florida, and went to FBC in the fall of 1974.  During her years at FBC she read many missionary Biographies and determined she wanted to be a missionary as well.  Amy Carmichael of India was one of her favorites. George and his wife Linda (Gilbert) Heckman have 5 children.   They presently live in Deltona Florida and serve at the Ethnos360 Home Offices in the Personnel Department, specializing in Member Services and Member Care.  Three of their children are involved in missions or full-time Christian work.

Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
4811 George Rd.
Tampa, FL 33634
To reserve your seat at ythe Missions Banquet on Friday 18th at 5:45 
call the church at 813-884-4328

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