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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

TODAY WE REACHED OVER 1,000,000 (one million) VIEWS

(1,000,564 to be exact)
We average 3-5 every day that trust Christ as their Savior.
Pastor Drew Elrod asked me over a year ago to come to Calhoun, Georgia 
for a four day revival meeting. He had been greatly challenged to present the 
clarity on the gospel  by listening to many of my youtube messages. Here is his remarks on the meetings last week.

We had great revival with Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold.  The people of Salem Baptist Church were thrilled to meet, fellowship, and learn from Dr. Arnold and Betty.  Each service was well attended and we even had a family drive four hours one way to hear Dr. Arnold preach.  Dr. Arnold exhorted the congregation on topics such as the clarity of the gospel, how to know you are saved, the two natures of the believer, prophecy timeline, the unbiblical doctrines of Calvinism, and ended with the story of Jim Tingen.  It was a jam packed week to say the least! Dr. Arnold challenged each person to make the gospel clear to the lost and purpose to be a soul winner.  It was truly a memorable few days for the people at Salem Baptist Church.  It was a blessing to see how and hear how much Dr. Arnold and Betty love the Lord and have served Him together for nearly 60 years.

After watching the wallet illustration from Dr. Arnold each service I thought I would give it a try as I spoke to a group of young people at a basketball camp on Friday.  After presenting the gospel and closing with the wallet illustration I had three 10 year old kids (they were triplets!) come up to me and wanted to know more about how to have eternal life.  After several minutes dealing with each child and walking them through Yankee's gospel tract all three trusted Christ as their Saviour! The clear and simple gospel is still the power of God unto salvation.  Their mother was so excited and was crying tears of joy.  

Thank you to Calvary Community Church for sharing your pastor and wife with us, they were a blessing!

In Christ,
Drew Elrod
Pastor, Salem Baptist Church

The family pictured below flew down from Pennsylvania on Saturday just to attend our services Sunday. They found us on our youtube channel. So many families are looking for an honest gospel clear church but they are very hard to find. We have had people visit from Japan, Canada, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Jersey, California, Alabama, and others. I get requests every week for a true grace preacher but I don't have enough young preacher boys to train.

Any preacher that preaches any of these statements for salvation is not qualified to teach a Sunday School Class, let alone pastor a church. All these statements require fruit inspectors to examine their works to verify they are really saved.
“Repent of your sins”
“Turn from your sins”
“Be willing to turn from your sins”
“Put Christ on the throne of your life”
“Give your life to Christ”
“Commit to follow Christ”
1John 5:13  "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life...," My eternal evidence that I am saved is written in God's WORD not in my WORKS

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