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Friday, May 24, 2019

My Grandson made me Proud

Jordan Arnold is the son of Eddie Arnold. Betty and I are very proud of Eddie and his wife Deborah. They both have worked hard to place their children in a good Christian school in Athens, Georgia. Although it was 1,200 miles round trip, Jordan informed me that I needed to be there for this great occasion. We arrived from Tampa, one hour before graduation.
Abby, (Athens Christian School cheerleader) helped cheer on her big brother.
Eddie and Deborah have seen to it that their children have received good spiritual training. I was 30 when Eddie was born and Eddie was 30 when Jordan was born.

My mother has gone to be with the Lord along with my two oldest sisters, (Liz and Net). Kay and I were discussing who would be next. Since I must conduct the funeral, I suggested that she should go first. That’s when she hit me. Kay has suffered a stroke and has great difficulty in moving her right arm. After my neck surgery, I have trouble moving my right arm also. You should have seen us trying to do a high five. We could not make contact.
Rick Rivera, Patti and their two beautiful daughters (Maya & Lonnie), came together on stage after he was ordained as a new deacon at Calvary Community Church. We thank the Lord for good families.
Pastor Lee Patton and Irene came by to visit from San Antonio, Texas. We were students together at Florida Bible College in 1966-68. He founded and pastors the Faith Bible Church for 45 years.

Thank you and God Bless,

Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor

Calvary Community Church of Tampa

4811 George Rd.

Tampa, FL 33634


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