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Tuesday, April 30, 2019


On Saturday, April 27th About 150 ladies attended the LADIES' TEA with 25 men servers in white shirts and black ties. This was started by Betty 5 years ago and praise the Lord how he has blessed.
Betty and I are still recovering from serious health problems over the last 3-4 months. Thank you for all the prayers. My little goatee helps to hide my new neck scar. I was surprised when four people asked me for some Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Special thanks to Mrs. Cindy Gilbert for taking charge this year and choosing a great staff to help produce a great turnout, great food, and servers that outdid themselves. 
 Carolyn Bernstein
Mrs. Reber
The greatest of all time. We treat the women right.
20 beautiful decorated tables "All Ready"

 Mrs. Linda Scudder was the ladies special speaker. She did a fabulous job. She is the wife of Dr. James Scudder who was pastor of the Quentin Road Baptist Church in Chicago for 45 years.

Two of our sharp teenagers
Dr. James Scudder was our Sunday morning speaker. His humor and unique style of preaching was truly a blessing to our people. We have been friends for almost 45 years. The Lord has used Jim to build a great ministry that is continuing through his son, Pastor Jim Scudder. They will be hosting their "GRACE CONFERENCE" this coming June 27-28 at the Quentin Road Baptist Church in Chicago.

Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
4811 George Rd.
Tampa, FL 33634

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