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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Yankee's Neck Surgery update

This was my original prayer request.
"I will have my surgery through the front of my throat and around my esophagus to remove a vertebrae on Feb. 13th, and have it replaced with a new one with a small metal plate and 4 screws. I am requesting the fervent prayers  of God's righteous people for total success from the doctors, complete healing from the surgery, no hindrances in my speaking abilities, and the grace needed to face unknown difficulties that may arise."

Recovery Update and Answered prayers. 
Dr. Ralph ‘Yankee’ Arnold Feb 14, 2019 at Florida Hospital, Celebration Fla. 
THIS VIDEO HAS 6,942 views  as of Thursday 28th.

A testimony from Greg Stier of Dare 2 Share Ministries
"Check out a Facebook live message from the man who trained me how to share my faith, Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold. Two days after a serious neck surgery he’s laying out the clear gospel of grace. As you listen to him you’ll understand where I got my passion for the gospel. I’m so grateful for this man! This Gospel driven man!"
After facing the surgery, I remembered to ask for prayer for handling difficulties that resulted from the surgery.  I was not aware that I would lose the use of my right arm. I have been assured by the doctor that in time I should regain full use of my arm once again. Little did I know that a few days after my surgery my wife, Betty (59 years together), was going to be admitted into the hospital for asthma and bronchitis complications. She walked into the hospital on her own strength and with a clear mind. After staying in the hospital for a couple days she could not eat, stand, or walk. She was unable to communicate clearly. Her heart rate was soaring and she experienced high blood pressure. She also redeveloped AFIB which caused great concern.  Thanks to much prayer and care from the doctors she had a quick recovery. She is now stabilized. Please continue to pray for a complete recovery for Betty.
I would like to praise the Lord for my daughter, Trina. She had the same surgery I had 15 years ago and was able to bring me great comfort. She travelled from Georgia to care for me and my two week healing process. She has been a great blessing to be able to help with her mother as well. Trina is a selfless individual who I am blessed to call my daughter. 

I visited the doctor on Tuesday for a progress report. He said I am healing well but will need some more time with the collar on for support. I have about 10 degrees of neck movement in each direction. This is a good progress. My surgery replaced  a vertebrae and also reconstructed a slipped disc. I have x-rays scheduled to see the progress with more clarity. There is a slight concern for my arm. The nerve is still inflamed which results in very limited and painful motion. Please keep praying for my arm. 

I appreciate having a second man, Pastor Jesse Martinez, to cover my regular Sunday services during this time of healing. This process will go on for at least another two weeks. I also want to thank Gary Stephan, Bob Brookes, Bob Gilbert, and Louie Hernandez who are all speaking in my place throughout the week. We are blessed to have men that are trained and clear on the gospel to speak in my absence.

In closing, I was totally blown away by the view count on this video I posted from the hospital. I received over 2,000 responses from around the world that people were praying for me. I would like to thank my director, George Heckman, for his idea to go live on Facebook after the surgery. That was a good idea, George! 

I also want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers. I received many requests for prayer who have more serious needs than mine. It made me feel like I was just getting surgery for a hang nail! In all seriousness, the Lord sure has been busy, hasn't He?

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Thank you and God bless,
Ralph Yankee Arnold

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