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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

2018 Pictures (PART 4) of missionaries from Calvary Community Church of Tampa

2018 Pictures (PART 4) of the Missions Conference 
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
All students of Florida Bible College are required to learn how to present the gospel of Jesus Christ by using the 
"Wallet Illustration".
Emillo Barron is a first semester student from Wally Morillo's ministry in Pharr, Texas. 
He is already a soul-winner on Friday night soul-winning.
Trent Dudley graduates in December and is a proven faithful soul-winner. I was taught this simple method by Dr. A. Ray Stanford at the Florida Bible College in Miami back in 1964. Even after 54 years, I have never met a better soul-winner than Dr. Stanford or a better method than the "Hand/Wallet Illustration.
John Hembree (better known as John-John) graduated this last May, and was ordained at the Calvary Community Church. He has already gone to be with Dr. Birbal Boodram in Trinidad and preached a number of times in our summer camp for teenagers and at the Northside Baptist Church in Athens, Ga. for Evangelist Freddie Coile.
Tyler Hambee is also a young man that has finished his four years here at 
Florida Bible College and is now on the staff of Grace Farms with Freddie Coile.
 Bob Gilbert taught a workshop on, "Why we use the King James Version", in our ministry.
Phil and Kay Myers are truly a great asset to our college. 
Kay is conducting a workshop for the ladies picturesd below.
Matt, Jen, Alyssa, Courney Floyd are building a new church 
in South Florida. Matt is the son of Mike Floyd.
 George Heckman came from our Colorado ministry and has now
served with New Tribes Missions for about 30 years.
 Joe and Terri Potter worked in our Colorado ministry for several
years before going to work as missionaries in Guyana.
 Dr. Charlie Bing is a pastors' pastor. A great defender of 
the gospel against the teaching of Calvinism. He is known
as a great author with many pamphlets of Grace teaching.  
Go to his website at:
This is Greg and Judy Sirmons from France. We were blessed to
have them with us. While on furlough, they altered their
plans so they could be with us. Please pray for them.
Peggy Sperling was 11 years old when I first met her. She graduated from 
our college in Colorado and taught in our Christian school before going to 
the mission fields in China. Pauline Adams from Texas made friends with 
everyone. Great joy to be around.
Although Gene and Dori Greeson were not able to attend all of 
the conference, they were able to make several meetings.
I was so proud of myself. I got to teach Karen Bing how to 
use a cell phone. Well, not really. I was showing her a list of 
people around the world that let us know they had trusted 
the Lord through our YouTube ministry. Check it at 
Bibleline Broadcast Network on YouTube.
Louis Hernandez is the director of Friday night soul-winning.
He takes trips to the Philippines and Honduras
Freddie and Janet Coile are building a great ministry
 (youth camp) at Grace Farms in Georgia.
Welcome to the man behind the scenes. David Bauer is the man that 
keeps all of our computers, youtube, internet, and live streaming 
ministries coming to the world.
Kedron Payne brought his whole family down to the missions conference 
from North Carolina. His search for a clear gospel church caused him to 
look on YouTube where he found our live Sunday service.
Jon and Peggy Sperling from China
The joy of the Lord is my strength, little joy-little strength.

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