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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

See and hear from some of our "NEW" Florida Bible College graduates


Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
4811 George Rd. Tampa, Fla. 33634 813-884-4328
A Florida Bible College Reunion that's
October 21-24th, 2018


See and hear their testimonies at the conference
Patiently waiting

Jesse Martinez
Tyler Hamby
Justin Fields

Kyla Martinez received her PHT Degree helping to put her hubby (Jesse) through.

 Was John Hembree happy to graduate?
 It was a great treat to have the faithful Lee Patton here for our May graduation 
and for the ordination service for John Hembree. Lee and I graduated from
 Florida Bible College in 1968. This friendship has lasted over 50 years.

 We are so blessed to have a man like Dr. Phil Myers as a member of the 
board of the college and serving on the faculty.

When John-John graduated in May, he went full blast into the Lord's work. He spent 3 weeks with Evangelist Freddie Coile at his camp in Georgia, One week at our camp, and then traveled to Trinidad with the mission team from the First Baptist Church Land O' Lakes in Florida.  

John was a witnessing machine and a huge help and encouragement to everyone he had contact with. I had to tell him on our one day off at the beach that it was OK for him to relax on a beach chair for two hours and not witness to anyone for two hours….he worked so hard and witnessed so much I thought he was just going to drop.  Thanks for sending him.

Denise Peterson
(wife of Dr. David Peterson - graduate of Florida Bible College in Hollywood, Florida)
Thanks for praying 
Dr. Birbal Boodram is also a graduate from Florida Bible College 
and has been used by the Lord to build a great ministry in Trinidad.
Dr. Arnold 
John Hembree  was a great witness, with a clear Gospel message where ever he went in Trinidad.
Several have trusted Christ as Saviour and many of our teenagers were challenged to serve Christ as Saviour.

He was a great asset to the church ministry here. We are seeing some of the young men such as Nicholas ,  Joshua and others are more committed to Christ because on John Hembree's  influence. John was able to fit in well with our people .  I even went on to tell him don't be surprise if God calls him into the foreign mission field. 

Love and Prayer
See you all in October 
Birbal & Annette

We had about 224 kids in the VBS and 150 in the revival meetings at night. The team from First Baptist of Land O' lakes team up with our team are doing a great job. Several have trusted Christ as saviour and many re-commitment to Christ.
Love & Prayer 
Birbal & Annette Boodram

More to come...…...

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