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Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Lil' Darling of 58 Years


June 8th, 2018

We celebrate 58 years of marriage.

1960 When we ran away to get married. It cost $5.00 by the Justice of the Peace. I was financially broke, young, foolish, no job, no place to live, and worst of all, I was lost as to the Lord. Betty's dad, Raymond Jackson, led me to Christ 3 months later. At 22 years of age, I realized that I had dragged my wife and two children to live in five states, still broke, no education (finished the 10th grade), and no hope of anything getting better. Betty's dad told me that if I would slow down and let the Lord get in front He would guide me. I realized that my life was like pushing a rope. I stopped running, attended Florida Bible College in Miami, Florida, and only by the Grace of God has he allowed me to have a ministry preaching the gospel. WHAT A RIDE! WHAT A WOMAN TO HAVE STUCK WITH ME THROUGH THOSE TERRORIZING YEARS WITHOUT HOPE. THAT IS ABUNDANT GRACE.
Betty last week on Mount Carmel in Israel

The wedding that never was but should have been
Ralph "Yankee" Arnold

In the dead of night, before the morning light
Two hearts were young and gay;
Before the justice of the peace, and a five dollar bill
A rose was stolen away.

This is the wedding that could have been
Had the lord had his way with me;
To have the father give his daughter away
To a man for all to see.

After all these years, one thing I regret
Are memories that will never be;
To rob a man, of the master's plan
Is a deed that still haunt's me. 

Take the time and read the poem below

And remember to always do right;

For the time will come with the setting of sun

That you'll know, and enjoy, with delight.


It seems so right, you dressed in white
awaiting my hand in yours;
To make promises before man, and vows before God
Who looks on from Heavens' bright shores.

To love you, honor you, protect and provide
is my promise to ever be true;
To love no other, but faithful abide
and be the husband God meant for you.

For me to love you, as Christ loves me
is the true test of love divine;
To give to my wife, the supreme sacrifice
is the commitment of this life of mine.

As a token of my love for you
I place this ring upon your hand;
The circle which is eternal,
and our desire for the Master's plan.

Our hearts, like candles, shall melt together as one
as we walk in the warmth of God's Son;
Bone of my bone and Flesh of my flesh,
You're mine till our race is run.

To hear those words, "You may now kiss the Bride"
is a moment to enjoy for life;
But better still are the words so real,
"I pronounce you Man and Wife".

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