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Friday, June 8, 2018

2018 TEEN CAMP UPDATE with Yankee & Jesse


Here is a brief testimony from Greg about our mutual vision to reach the lost for Christ.
“God has given me the privilege of equipping over a million teenagers to clearly share their faith through the ministry of Dare 2 Share. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Ralph “Yankee” Arnold. He equipped us to share the Gospel with clarity and confidence. And he inspired me to reach a generation of teenagers with the Gospel. I am so deeply grateful to the man God used to give me a burden for souls and the tools to reach them." Greg Stier, CEO and Founder of Dare 2 Share.

This is the bus we will use to carry our teens to camp. There is no extra charge for the bus.
The total cost of camp is $100.00 which includes the $25.00 registration fee.
We will wave the balance of $75.00 for parents who need a helping hand.

Hook-ups are available for parents to bring RV's (30 & 50) amps. (No additional charge for RV hook-up), and no children under 13. All children must room with campers. Hook-ups are available for parents to bring RV's (30 & 50) amps. (No additional charge for RV hook-up), and no children under 13. All children must room with campers.

Jesse and Kyla Martinez work with our youth here at Calvary. Pastor Jesse is a graduate of Florida Bible College of Tampa. Ministries are for the purpose of building laborers for the harvest.
Send or bring your youth leader/s so they can observe how we have conducted camps for over 50 years.

Many FBC grads brought teens from across America to attend the Christian Youth Ranch Summer Conference that was held by the Florida Bible College. Students had to see the place, feel the excitement, hear the Jim Tingen Story, and learn the joy of serving the Lord.

Yankee's personal plea: I am 76 years old, I have conducted more than 50 camps in 12 states. I have seen the value of young people going to camp. Most of us from old Florida Bible College (60's-70's) are getting up in age. Every week it seems we are losing some of our number to an upper calling. It is unusual for those of our age to be completely free of bodily ailments. I also know that our days are numbered and whatever is going to be done by us that are still roaming the earth are running out of time. We can lay down the baton or seek to pass it on. I have raised the financial support for teens to attend camp, provided a beautiful air-condition over the road bus with a professional driver for extra protection on the road. Any FBC Alumni who desires to bring their teens to camp may do so without charge (except the $25.00 registration fee). We used to bring young people to camp for Jesus sake, for the gospel sake, or for the sake of the lost. Isn't that still a good reason? Don't allow jealousy, envying, or offenses (or even our old age) to say we can't do it any more. If all you can do is pray, please pray.

1.      Help send or bring some young teenager to our Summer Camp.

2.      No money-no problem. We trust the Lord to supply our needs. Living by faith is living by the confidence that others have in what you are doing.

3.      Give yourself to prayer that scholarship funds could be afforded to students who desire a good Bible education at Florida Bible College but lack the funds.

5.      Recommend FBC of Tampa to those you know that want to learn the youth ministry.

Florida Bible College of Tampa is a continuation of this great heritage. Here is how you can play a part in preparing young men for the youth ministry.
We do have online classes for those who cannot come to our facilities here. However, we strongly believe that the best way to learn the ministry is to be in the ministry. Our college gives students this very opportunity. It is more caught that taught. You must see it done and be involved.

FOR the online REGISTRATION and MEDICAL form and information CLICK HERE.
2018 Teen Camp will be held at 

Dr. Ralph 'Yankee' Arnold, Pastor
Calvary Community Church of Tampa
4811 George Rd.
Tampa, Fla. 33634
cell 706-255-5618
If Greg Stier has and is still training 1,000's of youth leaders across America the youth ranch model, maybe we should stay with it. Just glean thru these three statements from three different books. Perhaps our Christian Youth Ranch model and Camps were the best.

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