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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold is seen presenting the
truth of the gospel in a new and exciting way.

Watch this FOUR minute video on "ETERNAL SECURITY"

It is designed to hold the attention of the lost person.
It's new, different, and very powerful. Read the comments that has already been posted on the site.

I have been accused of preaching an "easy believe-ism". It is a badge of honor that I wear proudly. I have never met a saved person who has done more than just believe to be saved. If anyone must do more than believe (which is trusting what Christ did), it would require works (which is trusting what man can do). To tell a lost person to turn from sins to be saved is to tell them to stop being bad. To tell a lost person to commit their life to Christ in service in order to be saved is to tell them they must start being good. This is a message that is hard to explain and impossible for a lost person to perform.

The good news of the Gospel is that salvation is FREE and by faith alone. This is easy even for a child to understand. When you add one work to a free gift it opens a whole can of worms. That is what happens when you make the Gospel HARD to understand. What right (preachers included) does anyone have to add works to the Gospel? When we make the Gospel clear or easy to understand, shouldn't it be easy for a person to believe? What would be our purpose in making it HARD TO BELIEVE?

Remember, believing on Christ is not a commitment to serve but a decision to trust.


Your response would be greatly appreciated. Please give me your feedback. If you can use it ...share it.


We keep trying (as Paul says: " all means possible")

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