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Tuesday, August 29, 2017




President’s Reception
Below are three of our ten new students for the fall semester. Each one enjoyed their opportunity to give their testimony over my live radio broadcast last Friday. They shared how they came to know the Lord and why they chose Florida Bible College. Anna Sanchez is from San Antonio, Texas, Allyson Adkins from Tampa, and Connor Proffitt from Arizona.

Allyson will have the honor to sing the National Anthem before the Ray’s Major League baseball game on September 5th.
Our women work hard representing the college. They keep hubbies teaching, plan the parties and teach the young ladies how to be godly women. Cindy Gilbert, Kay Myers, and Betty Arnold are three great ladies.
1977 was such a life changing time in mine and my family’s life! The Lord brought a God fearing man by the name of Pastor Lee Patton into our home. He played such a tremendous part in bringing my family into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We were so impressed with his sincere love and caring heart he had for us and anyone for that matter who needed Jesus! He is the Founder of Faith Bible church in San Antonio, Texas.  As time passed we attended Faith bible Church and became involved and grew spiritually.  Pastor Lee Patton and his Amazing wife, Irene, were greatly used of God to influence many individuals. The youth ministry (referred to as “Youth Ranch”) was the area that the Lord used in my life at the time. Later, Lee Patton introduced many of us high school students to a gentleman named Ralph “Yankee” Arnold, a close friend, who also attended Florida Bible College. “Yankee” at the time had a church, Christian School and college in Arvada, Colorado. In time, just watching and being a part of the wonderful work of God, I saw how He brought the youth from Lee Patton’s church and Yankee’s church together, through “Winter Camps“ in Colorado. These camps led me and several others to attend Colorado Bible College! This is where it all began for me and many others who attended. Little did we know of the amazing Journey that was about to begin!
Attending Colorado Bible College was one of the best decisions I ever made after trusting Christ as my Savior! I was only 18 years old and fresh out of high school. My parents were both believers and supported me fully in making this decision. The lessons I learned were priceless!  Pastor Ralph Arnold who was the President of the college and his amazing faculty played such a major role in my life. From the classes I attended, such as Personal Evangelism, Bible Doctrines, and Prophecy, working on the bus routes and in youth ministries, I gained strong godly character, self-discipline and dying to my own wants in order to see God be glorified.
Now 37 years later ,my daughter Anna (who is also 18), is taking that big step herself with the same excitement and vision In attending  Florida Bible College in Tampa, Florida from her home in San Antonio, Texas. I am so grateful to the Lord for her desire to grow spiritually. She will be taking the same classes I took and involved in the similar ministries I was in! I am so looking forward to encouraging her and walking with her through this new journey that I believe will produce GREAT rewards!  My prayer for her is in Colossians 1:9-14.
May the Lord continue to use Florida Bible College in Tampa to build strong disciples who are rock solid in biblical foundations and boldness in sharing the simplicity of the Gospel to a lost and dying world! 
The Lord Richly Bless you Pastor Ralph Arnold as you have blessed my family and I Know many others all around the world!
Aida Sanchez
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