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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Florida Bible College of Tampa "Graduation"

May 12th 2017

Calvary Community Church

4811 George Road 33634


We are proud to have one of our founding board members of Florida Bible College as our first Commencement speaker.
Dr. David Peterson has served as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Land O' Lakes, Florida since January 1981. Dr. Peterson received his bachelors and masters degree in Biblical Education from Florida Bible College in 1980. He earned a Doctorate of Pastoral Theology from Bob Jones University in 2003.

Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold, D. Min., B.A., Florida Bible College (Coconut Grove, FL), 1968; D.D., Solid Rock Theological Seminary, 1998; As the president, I want to extend to each and every one of you an invitation to attend our first Commencement. We are proud of our students who have completed four years on campus. We have a tremendous program planned for you. The college quartet will sing, there will testimonies by three graduates, a challenging message will be given and a wonderful banquet served.
Christian leadership is the art of influencing people to find and follow the direction of the Lord in their lives. We have labored together to bring our students from the place where they began to a place of maturity, strength, and service, and a path through a life of blessings to eternal rewards. The structure and design of the College helps them find balance, and stability, as they learn in the classroom, and exercise their gifts in their several ministries.
The students grow by instruction, prayer and guidance from our staff of committed professors, who have daily poured themselves into the lives of these students.
We have truly been blessed by faithful and qualified men and women who have come together with a burden to train young men and women for the ministry. Every teacher has between 30-50 years in ministry experience besides their educational qualifications. The teachers' stability gives great confidence to the students. Bob Gilbert_1
Robert Gilbert, B.A., M.L.A., Florida Bible College (Hollywood, FL), 1975; M.L.A. (ABT), University of South Florida, 1987, also served as Registrar and Professor at TBBC. Bob is our registrar and professor at Florida Bible College of Tampa. Bob notified the board that we were blessed with twenty-six students who have taken Florida Bible College classes for credit over the four years. Our current semester enrollment includes nine full-time credit students, seven part-time credit students, and fourteen audit students.
Peter Amato is our Dean of Men for FBC, choir director and song leader for Calvary Community Church. Peter attended Clearwater Christian College for Pastoral Studies. He has an Associate of Arts degree from St. Petersburg College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from National Louis University. He reignited the Tampa Youth Ranch and Friday night soul-winning ministries. Peter also informed me this week that we had 50 different individuals that took classes through Bibleline Institute. These classes are now online.
Louie Hernandez trusted Christ in sixth grade at the Tampa Youth Ranch. He earned a bachelor's degree in Biblical Education with minors in Pastoral Studies and Youth Ministries from Tampa Bay Bible College, under Dr. Hank Lindstrom. Louie is a professor at FBC and director of Friday Night Soul-winning. Louie�s Wednesday night report was that the since the beginning of Florida Bible College, there has been in excess of 4000 who indicated they would trust the Lord.
Robert "Bob" Brookes is a graduate of Florida Bible College and attained a Master's degree in Counseling from Liberty University. He has served as Registrar and Professor at Florida Bible College, Tampa Bay Bible College and Colorado Bible College where he was also Dean. Bob is one of the students' favorite professors.
Phil Myers attended Taylor University (BS, biology), Florida Bible College (BA), Dallas Theological Seminary, Southwestern Baptist Seminary, and Freedom University (Doctorate in Christian Education). Phil brings a wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience to the class room. He has graciously used his motor home to carry the students to Wally Morillo's camp and to attend the New Tribes Missions training camp in Pennsylvania.

Remember the song,"Without Him I could do nothing"? That's the way we feel about our wives. Betty Arnold, Kay Myers, Mary Brookes, and Cindy Gilbert, all attended FBC and we could do nothing without them.

Kathryn (Kay) Myers  B.A., Florida Bible College, 1969 (Miami); instructor at Florida Christian School, South Miami, Florida and Dayspring Christian Academy, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; mother of 9 children; home-schooled all nine; missionary in Indonesia, 1994-1997; taught English as a Second Language at Sacyawacana University. For Wycliffe International, wrote Bible Notes in English for translators. She currently teaching English, History and Bible in Veritas, (a home-school alliance.)

Cynthia Gilbert, B.A., Florida Bible College (Hollywood), 1975.  Music studies at Tampa Bay Bible College. Graduate studies, in English at Faulkner University, in Education at Barry University.  She taught in elementary education, junior high and high school for 32 years.  Serves as Dean of Women, Florida Bible College, and teaches church ministry, music, and women's classes - and supervises the production of the Yearbook.
The Commencement Banquet begins sharply at 6:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. This requires the purchase of a $15.00 ticket per person. Please reserve your ticket(s) by calling the College office at 813-884-4328. Tickets must be ordered by May 5th.

FBCT Commencement dinner menu
Grilled chicken in a mushroom butter sauce
Roast beef with gravy
Italian Sausage pepper and onions in marinara
Mashed Potatoes
Macaroni and cheese
Rolls and butter
Saut�ed Green Beans
Zucchini Squash Medley
Broccoli Carrot Medley
Garden Salad

6:00 Banquet (reservations only)
6:45 Commencement Service ("Guests" should be seated)
7:00 Processional and Program (All invited)
Closing prayer
Proceed to Fellowship Hall for photos, congratulations, and desserts (ALL INVITED)
  Office phone  813-884-4328

Lee Patton: "It is exciting to know that Florida Bible College has started."
Wally Morillo; "I was impressed by what I saw.  Every thing was well organized, excellent facilities, a great group of workers dedicated to the task.  With the same goals and purpose as when we went to Florida Bible College, and dedication to a clear message.  I like what I saw."
Brian Anderson: "A life changing opportunity is available to anyone who wants, not just to learn how to make a living, but how to live a life."
Bob Brookes: "This is a chance for anyone to know the Bible and change the world as they share the gospel."
Bob Gilbert: "I am thrilled with what God is doing in Tampa, Florida. We are building a place to light the torches of the next generation of Christian leaders."
Phil Meyers: "If I had a college bound kid at home, I would strongly encourage him/her to spend their first year of college at Florida Bible College.
Dave Adams; "Dr. Ralph Yankee Arnold is committed to challenging young people to dedicate their lives to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to learn God's word, and share it with others. I strongly support Dr. Arnold and those that share his vision."
Kathy Krey: Yankee, you encouraged me to attend FBC after coming to youth ranch. Thank you for impacting my life for Christ, and for giving me the opportunity, not only to learn the Word of God, but to meet my future husband (Rod Krey) of 42 years! God bless.
Dr. Ron R. Seecharan: We thank the Lord for you, your prayers and financial support of the Calvary Community Church through the years. Yours for making Christ known
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4811 George Road Tampa, Florida 33634

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