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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wow!! "75" but who's Counting

I found out that my wonderful daughter, Trina, was going to give me a "surprise" birthday party, but I knew nothing of the details.
I was accidentally led to believe that Donald trump was coming to Tampa on February 4th, to attend my birthday party. They leaked to me that men in black had come to check out the church and plan for security. When I saw the Fox news report on tv and in the Tampa times that President Trump was coming to Macdill Air Force Base here in Tampa on the very day, I began to believe. I tried to not let them know that I believed he was coming, but I was so excited. I'll tell the rest down below.
Tables were set for 160 guests to be held in our gymnasium. Everything was beautiful.

Oh yeIMG_1566bs, back to Trump. Peter Amato, my trusted song-leader, took center stage and announced that President Trump could IMG_1571bnot make it and then notified all of us that it was 'Fake News'. We were then informed that Trump sent his representative and in walked Pastor Lee Patton and Irene. I was truly honored to have my friend since 1966 fly from Texas for this special moment.

There are 30 years between me and my son, Eddie, and there are 60 years between me and my grandson, Jordan. What a blessing to have Jordan join me in a song for the first time.
These two youIMG_1594bng ladies came to the Colorado Christian Youth Ranch back in the 70's. These two were responsible for bringing hundreds to know the Lord. Jana and Laura were a great surprise.


Betty and I truly love the women in our life. This is my daughter, Trina to the left, Debra, my daughter-in-law and Abby, my granddaughter. Grand she is. The Lord has blessed my wife and me with a great family.
IMG_1564bIf I had known that being 75 would be so much fun, I would have goYankee_and_Little_Mantten here sooner. So far, everyone promised to return for my 100 birthday. Plan now.

Even my brother, Little Man, came from Georgia to celebrate with me.

It is so wonderful to have a friend pay your way to play golf. I really thought that GYankee_and_Garyary would finally let me win for my birthday.Angelo_Massi I said, "Gary, why didn't you let me win today?" He said, "Yankee, I tried." Oh, that hurt.

Betty and I went to see a dear friend that I have loved a very long time. Angelo Massi is now 96 years old and still loves the Lord. He has visited over 80 countries sharing the good news of the gospel. We had him sing for us. Still carries a good tune.

 Can you believe this eclair? I got one bite.


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