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Friday, August 28, 2015

Let's Get on with the Job

A week of classes behind us, in this our sixth semester of operation. What do we have, here, this semester?

Eight full-time students; 13 students taking classes for credit, altogether, and another eight auditing classes. Twenty-one Bible College students. The full-time students have already begun their involvement in Youth Ranch, weekly soul-winning (61 saved last Friday night), Sunday school and church services. Some sing in the choir. ALL participate.

A number of former students (one who completed the one year course), who are out in the work, using what they were taught while they were here.

Seven teaching staff members, altogether; two with earned doctorates; four current or former pastors; one former pastor's wife; five graduates of Florida Bible College, one graduate of Dr. Hank Lindstrom's Tampa Bay Bible College.

A unified board of directors and advisory board, with the same focus on training men and women to be soul-winners and leaders, focusing on the clarity of the gospel, that together consist of ten men, four with earned doctorates, six pastors or former pastors, seven graduates of FBC, two elders who served under Dr. Hank Lindstrom.

A host church with a facility DESIGNED by Dr. Lindstrom as a Bible college facility, debt free.

A model Youth Ranch that is alive and exciting and growing, under the direction of one of the college upperclassmen.

An exciting summer CAMP ministry.

A metropolitan location, population slightly under 3 million, (19th in the US) with huge opportunities for ministry and outreach, as well as student employment.

Faithful donors who contribute regularly, and faithful donors who make special gifts as God leads.

Men and women of ALL ages who are stretching themselves to do more, to get outside of their comfort zones, to give more, to study more, to themselves be soul-winners, teachers, mentors, leaders.

We have a lot to do - will you help us?

Pray for the students we have, and the students who have already gone out into the work, and the students who shall yet come.

Work to promote the wider knowledge of the work God is doing here.

Give, as God directs.

Join us, when ever you can - MISSIONS CONFERENCE is October 7 - 11; College for a Day open house is October 9th.

Let's get on with the job!

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