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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

FBC of Tampa's Online Vision - Dean Peter Amato

When the Lord told the disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, do you think the Lord knew the power and reach of the Internet? Of course, He did, but His disciples surely didn’t. 

The future of education is moving to the Internet, and FBC of Tampa stands ready to compete! We are poised to meet the need for sound Bible teaching that is accessible outside of traditional means. Through the donations of faithful FBC alumni, state of the art equipment and software have been purchased, positioning our online division to be competitive with the very best in the industry.

Also, the FBC of Tampa Online vision is not limited to the Tampa market, but reaches out to all the world. All too frequently we must turn away foreign students because they are unable to obtain a student visa. But through God’s provision, it shall be a near future reality to have classes presented in Spanish, Russian, Hindi, and other languages. No longer will we have to turn away foreign students, and they will be able to learn in their native languages. 

FBC of Tampa is primed to perform the Great Commission to its fullest dimension: to take the Gospel, and training for the Gospel ministry, into all the world!

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