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Monday, February 16, 2015

Bob Gilbert's Journey

Florida Bible College of Tampa 
Looking Back, and Looking Ahead
Bob Gilbert, Registrar    

My Journey
When I look back, I remember the lessons learned and the training received at Suncoast Youth Ranch, in Clearwater, under FBC graduate Eddie Williamson, and then in my years at FBC in Hollywood.  Classroom instruction, yes, and personal Bible study time, even more – and the training in the ministries:  bringing kids to Ranch, studying together in the “Grow Power” and Council meetings, soul winning in the malls, “mini-Ranch”, answering the “What’s Up” call-back line, going into the juvenile detention center,  helping with the Junior High Ranch, directing a Kids Bible Club…

And I look back over the decades, at my journey through the Marine Corps, and serving in churches, and teaching in Christian schools and Tampa Bay Bible College…
And the work at Florida Bible College of Tampa, which began for me in November of 2012, and began with on-line students in January of 2013, and day- and evening school classes in August of 2013…

Now, we’ve only just begun – but already our students are making a difference in this world, sharing the gospel, making disciples, teaching others…

Looking forward, we shall soon be making the FBC Tampa degree program courses available around the world, 24/7, on line.  We have had inquiries from international students from Canada, Great Britain, India, several African nations…  We will SOON be able to say “YES” to their desire to become students in our Bible college degree programs.  How exciting is that! 

I am humbled and grateful to play a part in the beginnings of this new variation on the old theme of Florida Bible College.

                                              Bob Gilbert and his wife Cindy

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