Wednesday, October 9, 2019

We apologize; we are so sorry!

When lightning struck our church about 5 weeks ago, it knocked out our camera for streaming, several computers, our total phone system and internet capabilities. This has greatly affected our overall ministry. We have slowly returned to full operation except for our phone system

There has been a few complications and set backs, so it has taken longer then we planned to get them back up. Please continue to pray that this gets fixed soon. Thank you for your patience and prayers!

This has greatly affected our regular phone orders to our bookstore. If you have not had a response; it may be that your order was not received. Please email one that is listed below for an answer or to make an order.
Yankee's cell 706-255-5618

2019 Missions Conference update:
If you have planned on coming to the banquet on Friday 5:45 Oct. 18th and have either called in or emailed your reservation, please notify us again. 
Yankee's cell 706-255-5618

Missions Conference Schedule

6:00 pm           Banquet Begins
7:00 pm           Dismiss to Sanctuary
7:15 pm           Special Music in Sanctuary
7:45 pm           Keynote Speaker - Freddie Coile
8:00 am           Breakfast in Fellowship Hall
9:00 am           Dismiss to Sanctuary
9:10 am           Special Music
9:15 am           Missionary Presentations:
·      Cody and Beka Burns
·      John and Peggy Sperling
·      Joe and Terri Potter
10:00 am         Keynote Speaker - Pastor Arnold
11:00 am          Workshop 1 with George Tripp, Tom Cucuzza or George Heckman
11:45 am          Workshop 1 Dismiss to Fellowship Hall
12:00 pm          Lunch in Fellowship Hall
1:00 pm            Dismiss to Sanctuary
1:10 pm            Missionary Presentations:
·      FBCT – Doc Myers
·      Mark and Terry Barnes
·      George and Linda Heckman
2:00 pm  Keynote Speaker - Birbal Boodram
3:00 pm     Workshop 2 with Cindy Gilbert - Ladies Tea, Jesse Martinez or Bob Gilbert
4:00 pm     Workshop 2 Dismisses To Sanctuary
4:10 pm     Missionary Presentation:
·      Tyler Hamby
·      Louie Hernandez
·      Bruce and Jackie Campbell
4:45 pm  Keynote Speaker - Tom Cucuzza
5:30 pm            Dinner
9:15 am            Church Opens
9:30 am            Missionaries Discuss Needs And Prayer
10:30 am          Morning Worship Service
12:00 pm          Lunch in Fellowship Hall

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