Monday, May 7, 2018

Florida Bible College singing groups PAST

The clear gospel of Jesus Christ rode the backs of many singing groups that sprung from the alumni of Florida Bible College. Beginning back in the 1960's, these young men and women were used greatly by the Lord to open many doors of opportunity to share the gospel. 
Bruce Porter, David Shipley, Dick Hill, Mike Otto, and Don Smith
Under the leadership of Joe Alessi, ETERNITY traveled
America and Europe proclaiming the gospel.
Eternity came to our church in Colorado many times
and ministered in our winter camp.

Vernon Brady led the Sounds of Truth Quartet across the United States. Their style of
"Southern Gospel Music" was similar to what most Southerners were raised on. They were a
blessing to have in our church, ranch meeting and serve as councilors in our winter camps. 
This is outside my home in Arvada, Colorado
Bill Butterworth at ranch
 Jim and Dolly Greer
During a TV broadcast in Denver

At great expense to our new growing church in Colorado, we had all four of these groups make that long (2150 one way) journey from Florida to assist in validating the clear gospel to the lost and challenging students to attend Florida Bible College. I am forever grateful for their commitment to the work of the Lord. They sacrificed much because we couldn't pay them very much to be with us.

 At camp in Hollywood, Ray Stanford did one of his famous dives for all the campers.

Oh, when we were young. Dr. Seymour was one of my favorite teachers.
Dick came to Arvada, and conducted a Soul-Winning Seminar, spoke in
Ranch and was the main speaker at Spring Camp in April , 1981. Dick has
been teaching at the Frontier School of the Bible in Wyoming for many years. 

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