Saturday, September 23, 2017


A great promise in the Bible is “…and it came to pass”. Storm come and storms
go, but oh the devastation it leaves behind. We praise the Lord for sparing our church and our home that was in the flood zone. No water damage, no power outage, no personal injuries to any of our people, and no wind damage except for a few fence panelings.

Betty, celebrated her 75th birthday in Americus, Ga, with our daughter, Trina, because of Irma. Yes, the picture to the left was taken about 3 years ago, but after the last two weeks we looked like that rooster. You understand, right?

Allyson Adkins is one of our newest students at Florida Bible College of Tampa. She was honored to sing the National Anthem at one of the National Baseball teams (The Rays) recently. I believe you would enjoy her singing and know that we are very proud of her dedication to the Lord. CLICK HERE -1:08 minutes long 
I enjoy sharing my radio broadcasts with some of our new students at FBC. I get a chance to learn more about them, while they give testimonies about their salvation, families, and desires to serve the Lord. The last two weeks, while facing the hurricane, was quite an adventure for students and staff.

We praise the Lord that our entire on-campus teaching faculty is still with the college as we begin our fifth year. This gives to us great stability with our students. It’s an honor to serve with other godly men and women in the cause of Christ. 
I just had to show you my Daniel/Revelation class. Hey, these young men and women could help change the world. The Lord has also blessed us with many students taking night classes. We also have students taking online classes that are not pictured. Would you pray for each of them?

 May I introduce you to the Florida Bible College Scholarship Funds?
The Dr. Hank Lindstrom Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded towards the cost of a full-time student, who has demonstrated a zeal for sharing the gospel and bearing much fruit. When a student has shown that they are sure God wants them to prepare for a life of service at Florida Bible College, some assistance from the Dr. Hank Lindstrom Scholarship Fund may be applied to their account.
The Betty Arnold Scholarship Fund
I can assure you, that not only is a good woman hard to find, that it is very difficult to find a good woman who knows and loves the Lord enough to submit to her husband’s leadership in the ministry. They need to know God’s word to enable them to know how to love the Lord, love their husband, and love their children. We greatly desire to help as many young ladies as possible who desire God’s best, but may need some financial assistance.

President's Scholarship

This needs-based scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee of Florida Bible College at such times as unforeseen hardships might otherwise interrupt a full-time student's college career.
We want to thank those who have donated to the scholarship fund of their choice. We need others to come along side and help. We have done what we could with what we have. We hope that you have appreciated our commitment.
Florida Bible College of Tampa is recognized by the federal government as a non-profit, charitable organization (under section 501(C)(3)), and donations to Florida Bible College of Tampa will be acknowledged with a receipt from the organization.
You may choose to give one-time, or regularly.
You may mail contributions by check to:
Florida Bible College of Tampa

4811 George Road
Tampa, FL 33634
You may also give through PayPal. CLICK HERE:
1.   Scholarships - We envision students handling the financial costs of attending college but some will need help from time to time. Please prayerfully consider how you might be a blessing to young people training to be the next generation of Christian leaders and soul winners.
2.   College Operations - We operate under a business plan that allows us to function without debt and to grow to accommodate more students with excellent education and training. We have needs that would allow us to do a better job - and we are grateful when God's people remember God's blessings and share with us in a tangible way.
Do you have any questions about Florida Bible College of Tampa?
Please contact Registrar Bob Gilbert Email:
Florida Bible College of Tampa
4811 George Road, Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: (813)-884-8182
Alt Phone: (850)-227-5325
Florida Bible College has been approved by the Veterans Administration for the payment of Veterans benefits to eligible veterans who attend our degree program.

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