Saturday, August 19, 2017

Appreciation letter from Dr. Ron Seecharan

August 19,2O17

Dear Dr. Yankee Arnold,

Greetings to you, your wife, Betty, and all the saints at Calvary Community Church, in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Just a few lines to let you know how much we appreciate your prayers and support to Solid Rock International Ministries and Solid Rock Theological Seminary in India. Your support helps us in the great work of training men for the ministry.

So far, ln India, we have had 27 graduating classes with 603 graduates who are now serving the Lord throughout India, Burma and Nepal. These men are clear on the gospel and they are impacting thousands weekly with a clear gospel.

ln our extension seminaries in Trinidad, West Indies, Guyana, South America and St. Lucia in the Caribbean, we have had 130 who have earned their degrees in Theology and are serving the Lord there.

We remember when you and your wife, Betty, and Rev. Bob Gilbert visited us at our resident seminary in India in 2015 for our 25th commencement service. What a joy on the face of your wife, Betty, as she shared the gospel to hundreds of young boys and girls in the Sunday school after you preached the Word. We also remember Brother Bob and the wonderful ordination prayer he gave at our 25th graduation service as we ordained 8 of our graduates who were going full time into ministry.

Dr. Ron Seecharan, Bob Gilbert, Betty and Yankee Arnold

Dr. Yankee, I have known you for over 50 years when we were students at the old FBC campus at Grove Community in Miami, Florida. I thank the Lord for you and your faithfulness to Him, your clarity on the gospel and the fundamentals of the faith. You have lived by the book I can't wait to see what our spiritual family tree will be like at the judgment seat of Christ. (II Cor. 5:10)

I thank the Lord that you are now the president of Florida Bible College in Tampa. I also thank the Lord for the wonderful faculty that he has given to you to train and equip young men and women for full time gospel ministry. I highly recommend FBC and pray that many new students will enroll and attend in your new academic year. My wife Shireen and I look forward to visiting with you at a later date and sharing what God is doing in our ministry.
Yours for making Christ known

Dr. Ron R.Seecharan
Eph. 3:20

ALL CLASSES may be taken online, at a distance - but only by ADVANCE ARRANGEMENT.  If you need this service, please let us know immediately.
CLASSES begin at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning August 28th ("Life of Christ"), or 8:30 ("Personal Evangelism" or "NT Greek 1").  You will settle your schedules of classes at Registration.

Evening school classes are full-credit Bible College classes, you may choose, as well as the day classes:  Monday 7 pm - 8:50 pm, Science and the Bible; and/or Tuesday evening, same hours, Apologetics. You may register for these at the regular DAY registration.  Other (not day students) will simply come in the evening, to sign up. 

Encourage your friends to take a class or two! Some ladies may wish to take Mrs. Gilbert's "Women Teaching Women", at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays.  (Remember the "online option".)
WE ARE EXCITED to see the beginning of this next semester!  See you soon!
Bob Gilbert, Registrar 
850-227-5325 (cell)
Immediately following the Sunday evening service on August 27th, our President's Reception will be a great time of meeting people and renewing old friendships.  Food is a part of it - all are expected to attend.  (Church attire).

Last week, Betty and I were having breakfast at Nickie's Restaurant, (few blocks from Calvary Community Church in Tampa) when Florida Governor, Rick Scott came in with a number of his friends. He came over to my table and we chatted very briefly. He asked about our church so I presented him with our gospel clear Heaven Tract. He was very kind and polite. He is truly a great governor doing a wonderful job for our state. Great way to start the day. Pray for our leaders, and especially President Donald Trump. The only thing he did wrong to the Democrats, the Lefties,  and the entrenched RINO Republicans was to win the election. He's guilty. That is his crime for which there is no forgiveness. Pray for him.

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